Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Email from December 30, 2013

Hey Family!

Well it was so nice to see everyone!! =)) So after we finished talking
we ate a HUGE meal and we all stuffed ourselves! The members just kept
putting food on our plates and after like 20 minutes of eating all of
us elders had to step outside because we were sweating bullets! They
ended up giving us all the left overs which we ate when we got home.

Thursday we went on splits with the elders in a city called Esbjerg.
We had our district activity which was spent ice skating and walking
around this really old city named Ribe. Nothing else new though to be
honest. We currently are not teaching anyone but once the Holidays are
over we should be able to get in contact with the investigators we
were given from the other elders.

 Well the sales start today on clothes and stuff
so i will try not to spend too much. I just wanna get another pair of
shoes, and maybe a couple shirts. I am selling my guitar for
like 200 bucks so if i can sell that then i will just use that Money
for some of the clothes i wanna get. Have a good week! =)

Elder Wible

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