Thursday, February 20, 2014

Email from February 17,2014

Hey Family...
Well my letter keep getting shorter and shorter and well... i am sorry about that, you Guys can all dog pile on me in 3 weeks... =) This last week was good! We spent a lot of time knocking and we actually had a lady invite us in! We answered a ton of her questions and we gave her a book. She wouldn't give us her number or let us come back yet but she said she would contact us if she wanted to learn more... We had Ward conference yesterday and i got to talk with some of the high council members who live in Fredericia. They were all like " Wow i remember when you first came to Fredericia and now you are leaving in 3 weeks!! " One of them was just like "believe me, there is another life when you get home and it is good!" Æ. Hafen and i are doing good though, just trying to make the most of the time that i have left. See you soon! Love you!
Æ. Wible

Email from February 10,2014

Hey so this week was pretty slow. We had a great appointment with a less active or i mean, i had a great appointment with a less active... haha half way through the appointment i look over and see Æ. Hafen asleep... haha i don't blame him. I did that a couple times too at the beginning bc i couldn't really understand anything... haha But yeah we had a great conversation! We pretty much just talked about the World and how corrupt its getting, And then i was just like, " Are you willing to make a difference?" She was like "yeahhh " I was like " okay come to church on Sunday and i promise that you can make a difference through your church attendance... " She didn't come to church... That is probably the most frustrating thing in the World, when people have the opportunity to make a difference and they don't take it...  We continue to create enemies in our own lives and instead of getting rid of them we just push them aside and don't do anything about it. If there is a problem think of a way that you could fix it, don't push it aside and rely on others to get it done. yeah anyways....
Yesterday we had a great eating appointment with a member Family. I love them so much! The dad and i jammed on the guitar for like 20 minutes and then the son was just like " come outside and scooter with me!" i couldn't pass up that opportunity to get a Little adrenaline rush! I ended borrowing some of the daughters shoes and we went out and i showed him some sick tricks! I love those Little opportunities to show people that we missionaries or members are normal people. So nothing else new.... Thanks for the letter Sarah! And Mom too! =) Well thanks for all the support and prayers! See you all soon! :)
Made some cinnamon rolls... =)
Æ. Wible

Email from February 3,2014

Well Æ. Hafen and I had a good week! We finally were able to contact a referral that we received from a member in the Ward. We knocked on the door and the lady invited us in. She already knew quite a bit about the church but she did ask us a lot of questions. We invited her to church and asked if we could come back Again but she said she was not really interested in learning more... she did say that we could come back anytime if we were in the area. We had a great lesson with a college student named Lehil this week. He is from Romania and had a TON of questions about our church. We talked with him for about an hour and invited him to church. Great guy. He said he would like to meet Again soon!
Other then those two lessons nothing else is really going on. Everyday we are out trying to talk with people and are knocking doors but nothing is really coming out of it... We are trying new Things and we are going to different Places but we have not been able to see the fruits of our labors...
Transfers is today... Æ. holbrook WHO we were living with got transferred to another area so we are getting a new elder in the Apartment... I cant believe i am now in my last transfer... wow... The members invited us out a couple times this last week which was way nice... We usually dont have any eating appointments because there are only like 5 Families in the branch. oh yeah i not sure if i told you but church is only 2 hours, kinda weird.. haha yeah well nothing else new. Thanks for all the support and prayers! i love you all!
Ping Pong P Days
oh those are the other two elders and our mission leader...
Æ. Wible

Email from January 20, 2014

Dear Family,

This last week was great! Well i guess i will just start this letter
off on a more depressing note... just so you know, we don't have an
progressing investigators and was only able to teach one lesson this
last week and that was with a less active member. We are doing our
part and i know the Lord will bless us when he feels it is right. We
spend each of our days contacting, knocking and stopping by people but
nothing is coming out of it... We have tired to change Things but we
still are not seeing much success... But just because we can not SEE
it does not mean we are not making a difference... I know Æ. Hafen and
I are making a difference in our efforts... We say hi and greet
EVERYONE we come in contact with. We do it not only because we are
missionaries but because WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS and we respect one
another and as humans we should all be striving to make someone elses
through small things such as a smile or a wave... So even though we
can not see it, i know that though our smiles and through our waves we
have been making a difference.

This last week we had the opportunity to play basketball Again with
the Sønderborg team... Remember back when i was in Slagelse and we
played the football team, Americans vs Danes? Well we did just that
this last week... We asked the coach if we could do Americans vs Danes
and he got way pumped! haha so we divided everyone into 3 teams...
Danes, Americans and everyone else... ( we had two other elders there
as well WHO came for splits that day so we had a team of 6) The
Americans and the Danes played first and we won! Since we won we
stayed on the Court and played the third team and won! third game we
played the Danes and WON! Now the fourth game... At this point we had
been playing non stop and were drained, all of us! it was time for us
to play the third team which consisted of players from switzerland,
lithoania, germany, etc.... Game started and we were Down 10 to 6... (
we play to 11 and play by 1's and 2's). Æ. Hafen drained 2 threes in a
row to tie it up! (by the way, my blood pressure has risen since i
started writing about this, it was an epic night =) ) anyways its tied
up now... 10 - 10... the ball gets passed to me and i drain a 3 to win
the game... I'll admit it... i only made one shot that Whole night and
it was the most important shot! but that was not why we were there...
We didn't want to show that we were better than them in any way... We
just wanted to have fun and show them that Mormons are good people and
that is exactly what we did... by the end of the night everyone was on
their feet having a good time. Everyone knew who we were and why were
here in Denmark. I know everyone felt something different that
night... We made everyone feel welcome and made sure that there was no
one left out... We brought light and life to the game...

Now... i don't know who reads these emails but some of you may be
thinking... " mmm no wonder you are not teaching anyone... You are
spending your time (only 2 hours by the way) playing basketball each
week... "  Missionary Work is simply sharing our beliefs with others
and that is exactly what we did that night... We shared our beliefs
through basketball... We showed love and charity by making everyone
feel included and welcome. We did exactly as Jesus directs and let our
light shine so that others could see it... If you are letting your
light shine through your good example then you are doing effective
missionary Work... but don't hold back if you are prompted to bare
your testimony. Over time baring your testimony to a non member will
become easier and easier the more you do it... I love being a full
time missionary but  i am excited to become a member missionary when i
come home...

I invite everyone reading this email to do something out of the
ordinary this Next week... Think of someone ( it doesn't matter who)
who is in need of help and do something nice for that person... or
think of someone who you could invite to church... Ask yourself this
question... How can i help build up God's kingdom on the earth today?
That is after all one of our duties as members of the church... After
you have asked yourself that question you will know what do it, the
spirit will speak to you and you will feel it in your Heart. I love
you! Have a good week!

Æ .Wible

Email from January 13,2014

Heyyyy... So i had my last interview (besides my 
closing interview)with President this last week...
He gave me my official release date... So transfers 
are on Mondays now and because of that i will be
coming home on a Tuesday now... March 11th... 
i am little bummed that i have to come home a month 
early in order to make it in time to take a couple 
classes... President said that missionaries do
that all the time and that it is okay... He said 
45 days early is like the limit... So yeah.. MARCH 11TH! 

This last week was great! We had a great zone 
conference but it was weird not having to worry about 
giving a training! haha 

So for the past couple weeks we (us 4 elders) have been trying to get
in contact with the Club basketball team here in 
Sønderborg... Finally we figured out when and where 
they train so on Wednesday we went to
one of their practices... We got there and started 
checking out the players to see how good they were and 
then we all agreed that the team ( age 18 and older ) 
was okay but nothing special. So we started Warming up 
and talking with the players and they were way stoked 
to see some new Guys that actually know how to play... 
The Coach was way nice and said we can always come and 
practice with them... So we decided to get a game going
... There were like 18 of us total so we had 2 teams of 
9 and for the first time in my life i was the last one
picked... I take that back... I was not even picked! 
i was put on a team by default because i was the last
 player that could be picked!haha I don't blame them i 
was the smallest guy there. So the game went way good! 
I drained a couple 3's and Æ. Hafen was draining 
everything! He played way good! The other elders played
good as well. At the end of the game we went up to every
player and thanked them that we could play with them. 
We had the Whole team talking to us at the end, asking
us why we are here in Denmark and all this stuff.

COOL STORY! So there was this guy there from 
Switzerland and we told him we were Mormons and he was 
like " Hey i competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics in 
Utah! " we were like WHAT?!?!?! He was like "yeah i got
6th in ski jump! " anyways... WAYYYY cool Guy! good at
basketball too! his name is andreas kuettel. way good 
evening, way effective! We plan on going Again this week
but i don't think i am going to play because i have been
having some problems with my ankle lately... So i
made a new years resolution to start running and it 
only lasted 2 days and then i started having pain in my
ankle... So i stopped running and took it easy and then
i played basketball on it and it kinda made it
worse so yeah but it is getting better! DONT WORRY!

We taught a less active lady who told me there is 
something special about me that she believes could 
help her... that was nice of her to say... haha but 
yeah nothing else new! Æ. Hafen is doing way good! 
I love him like a Brother! ahh man i got two letters 
from people in the Ward this last week. Well i don't  
have much more to say! I love you all! Thanks for all
the support! =)

Æ. Wible
Here are some pictures that haven't been posted yet....

Email from January 6, 2014

Hey Mom. So i am still unsure about my release date. 
are on Mondays now so that Means i will get home on a 
Tuesday so It could be the 18th of march (Latest) but i 
am sure i will find out here when it will be.  Things
are going good though, a Little slow still. 

So new year's eve was AMAZING! we ate a ton and played 
games with two families. Both families have a couple 
younger kids so we had a blast with them. 

Æ. Hafen and I are doing good. we are working 
well together and are having a good time! Well thanks
 for everything! Love you!

Æ. Wible