Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey guys!

(Mack doesn't have time to proofread, and neither do I. Ignore the spelling mistakes!)
Wow where do i begin! The past week has been amazing! First of all there are only four of us going to Denmark! Everyone is super cool except for my companion but i guess i will learn to love him, he's an odd one. The first day was so overwhelming! I had to take in so much! Right when i got to my first class, my teacher started speaking Danish to me and was asking me all these questions and i had no idea what he was saying! i was making such a fool outta myself! haha. My teacher is so cool though, i love him so much! He served his mission in Denmark and got back about a year ago. I look forward to his lessons.
Our classroom is right next to the guys who are going to Belgium and they are the coolest guys ever! There are three of them and we are always hanging with them! They are in our zone so when we are not in class we are always chillin with them. Such great guys! Oh and We got to hear President Russel M. Nelson at Devo they other day! I have never paid so much attention to a talk in my life! I took to many notes! So amazing!
As far as the language goes... ITS SO HARD! haha. I am getting it though, slowly but surely. One of the guys in our group has picked the language up so quick, he is so amazing! Oh we taught our first investigator on Saturday! Yeah 3 days after i got here! oh and it was in Danish of course! I was trippin! We also taught him monday, tuesday, and wednesday. Every lesson gets better and better. The one thing that is so difficult about the language is the pronunciation! There are so many different sounds to every letter of the alphabet! Im sure our investigator doesnt get a word i am saying half of the time. haha. 
This week went by so quick! i cant believe it! I have grown to love the MTC so much! The spirit is so strong here and its so amazing! So glad i get to be here for 8 more weeks! oh and call me crazy but i look forward to Breakfast Lunch and Dinner! The food is sooo good! haha Not many people like the food but i loveeeee it! Oh i see my bro Andrew Judd like everyday! He makes my day! i love him so much! Bottom line is, i am having a great time and i am loving every minute of it! If you havnt noticed my P day is now Thurday! I get 30 minutes to email and then like 3 hours to write letters so i have plently of time for letters. EVERYONE WRITE ME! I look forward to checking mail everyday! Oh i forgot to tell you! Im District Leader! I love it! I love attending meetings with my branch president and giving reports on how our district is doing.
Well just found out one of the missionarys in our district is going home... :/ There are now 3 of us going to Denmark. Not a good way to end a letter but i am going to miss the guy. We related so well and had all the same interests. We got along so well. I will miss him. Well got to go!
Jeg Elske Dig!
Elder Wible

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