Thursday, May 10, 2012

 Sorry for the delay in posting Mack's emails, people. I was busy having a baby on May 3! Want to see a picture of our little, Brock? Ok, not so little. He was 10 pounds!

From May 3:

Hey guys its me again! Wow another week gone by, every week goes by way too fast! This last week was great! So that investigator we were teaching turned out to be one of our teachers! haha We straight got punked! He said he was proud of us because we did such a great job for not knowing the language! I was proud of myself! I have never had so much faith in my life! Me and my comp were able to teach him 4 lessions! This past week we have just been practicing street contacting with our teachers and then giving them lessions, all in Danish of course! Since we are in a three-some now, it has been a little difficult teaching because there is always one person who gets left out. I still cant say much in Danish but i know how to have a small conversation with someone, bare my testimony, give a prayer and an intro to the first discussion.
Everything else is great though! We always kick it with the belguim guys who i have grown to love soo much! Already after 2 weeks we have become the best of friends and i know we all will be for the rest of our lives! The 6 of us act like we own the MTC, we call ourselfs the Dutch-Dane Confederacy. haha. We have so much fun but then when it comes to down to studying, we never waste a minute of it because we know we are on the Lords time. Together we have prayer each night and then tuck eachother in. haha. We have gym together too and we rule the 4-square court! yeah thats right i said it, 4-square! IM ADDICTED! haha! We will play 4-square and then 15 minutes before the end of gym we will go run a mile or two. I love it!
Food is still great! I think i am the only one who loves it! haha The first week i was feasting and i then i realized that was going to get fat so now i just eat smaller portions with salads and stuff. I love it! My comp (the cooler one) took on the responsibilty of making sure i am drinking enough water each day! Dont worry mom, i am in good hands! He is always making sure i am healthy. There are 3 of us in a 6 person bedroom so its chill! Getting up at 6:20 each morning is a peice of cake now and going to bed at 10:30 is easy! I love getting up early i am able to get so much done! Well i gotta go! Time to write some letters! I love all you guys! Write me some letters! Letters make my day! 7 more weeks! I leave the MTC june 18th! I know i can do this! :) LATER!

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