Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter from Elder Wible on July 2

Everything is amazing! The language is coming, it gets better everyday! i can read and understand better. it is still a little hard for me to understand the members but it gets better and better. i gave my first blessing in danish the other day, it was very short and so i felt bad but it was to a 12 year boy who really need to be comforted. He has 4 older brothers who are all inactive and his 17 year old brother just ran away from home. and his parents are divorced. I felt so bad, he doesnt have anyone to look up too, he has to be his own example. I came home that night and prayed and thanked the lord for the family that i have! Despite our challenges there is always someone who has is worse!  i have been sleeping on the boucany at our place under the blue sky. hahah yeah its doesnt get dark till 1115ish but i sleep like a baby every night!  We didnt have the best of luck this last week. we spent a lot of time contacting and knocking doors but no one was intersted! it really makes me mad bc these people have no idea how this gospel will change their life! ugh! whatever. today we are going to the zoo, i hope we dont get rained on. yeah it rains everyday. haha i like it though. ! oh yeah we eat like champs! i have gotten additcted to this stuff called Koldsk√•l, oh man it is soooo good! most people add ice cream to it and have it for dessert but we dont put ice cream in and have it for breakfast, we put these like nilla waffers in it and ohhh man! sooo good! haha. well gotta go! 

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