Monday, July 9, 2012

Email from 7/9/12

 Things are going really good here. The language gets better and better everyday! I have been learning so much! We knocked on this guys door this week and his apt was a wreck! he is probably like 50 and probably smoked a pack a day! I could not breath in his place. He invited us in and we taught him the restsoration and he thought the lession was beautiful and he invited us back. Its people like him that really need the gospel in their lives! The gospel will change him and bring him happiness!  He said he lost contact with his family which means that he messed up somewhere in his life. I hope he gets baptized! It makes me so sad when you know that someone isnt happy and then you try and talk to them about the gospel and they dont accept it. I walk away and i am always like... man! The gospel would have changed there life! So sad. Denmark may be the happiest country but it is also the most despressing country. There are happy bc the government gives them everything and then depressed bc they soon realize that they arnt earning anything they get. Yeah its been a crazy week. Met some weird people. If the cops cant find them, the missionarys do. haha I am gonna have so many good storys when i get home. I miss you all but i am where i am supposed to be right now! I am so happy with what i am doing and the person that i am becoming! 

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