Tuesday, November 13, 2012

email from November 12

(Happy late 20th birthday to elder wible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

My birthday was amazing! let me explain...

Friday was AMAZING! We began the morning with studies and in our prayer before we left the apartment, we prayed specifically for a opportunity to serve someone else in need! At 11 we had planned to help a member move out and so we arrived at his house at 11 but he wasn't there. We called him and he said "hey i am sorry but i wont be home for 30 minutes" we thought "okay what can we do for the next 30 minutes??" We looked around and noticed there was a middle aged lady carrying some furniture up a flight of stairs. Æ. Hammond and I ran over to help this lady out and we asked her "Hey is there anything else we can do for you?" She replied " YES! I need help! I need to be moved out of my old apartment across the street as soon as possible! " We said " Okay well we have about 30 minutes because we actually have another friend who needs help moving also, She said "okay that fine." So walked over to her old apartment across the street, up 6 flights of stairs and were greeted by 4 others helping the lady move. Æ. Hammond and I began working hard, moving everything we could up and down those stairs. We took all the big and heavy things first so she wouldn't have to do it.

About an hour later we get a call from the member who we were originally supposed to help out, saying that he was home now. We told him " hey we are actually helping the lady move some things right now, is it okay if we come in about 15 minutes?" He said " Oh help her as long as you want!" We helped her for about 15 more minutes and then told her "Hey sorry but our friend actually needs some help now but we will help him for about an hour and then we will come back!" She said "okay perfect!" We left and helped the member out and after about an hour we had a little break and so Æ. Hammond and I went back to over to the ladies house. We walked back up the 6 flights of stairs and were greeted again by her and her friends. With a surprised look on their faces, they asked us "Who are you guys?! Where did you come from and why do you keep coming back? Its like you were a blessing from heaven!" We then told her and her friends who we were and why we were doing this. They offered us money and we told them no its called service and its something we do as missionaries. They just couldn't believe the work we had done and the fact that we were willing to help for free. We explained to them they were the answers to our prayers. We told them about our prayer that morning and how we asked of the Lord to lead us to someone in need of help. They just couldn't understand why we were so nice and willing to help them out.

The member called again and said "hey i need your help again!" We left the lady's house again and helped the member for about an hour and then had another break. Æ. Hammond and i look at each other and quickly run over to the lady's house for just one last time! We arrive and once again they just couldn't believe that we were back again to help! After about an hour, we finished! The lady's whole house was moved and they couldn't have done it without us. The member actually came over and help us finish up the last little bit and in the end we gave them all cards and invited them to church.

Later that evening the member told us that that lady just got divorced and has 4 kids that she has to take care of. What a blessing, we asked the Lord to put someone in our path that we could help and sure enough he did. She couldn't have done this move without us and well, we don't know if she will come to church but hey, Æ. Hammond and I really made her day. The lady and her friends actually sang me happy birthday and for once in my life on my birthday i was more selfless than selfish. No better way to spend my birthday.

yeah best birthday ever. The member and his family actually gave me cake and sang to me! It was awesome! I was sooo happy that day! Oh Elder Gifford, he comes next month. He is the only missionary coming in the month of December.  I am ready to train now, so there is a possiblility there... i guess we will see. And yeah we live with the Zone Leaders and YES its cold! haha no snow yet but soon! Well gtg! love you! oh and i think i am going to buy a pair of pants today.


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