Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Email from November 5

Well someone had to step up and i like things to be clean. Living with 3 other missionaries is tough! The zone leaders are chill. I like them, they help me out sometimes but whenever there is a mess i am usually the one to step up and clean it up. I have every night though planned out with what i am going to make for dinner for the 4 of us. We had a fiesta night halloween night and i made some fajitas. They were amazing! oh so last pday! CRAZY! well not really but yeah. i was just doing some laundry and the zone leaders came running in and were like dude pack your bags you have to catch a train to copenhagen in 20 minutes! and so i am like WHY!?!?!?! They said tomorrow you are taking the immigration test! I dont know why i wasn't told about this earlier, it kinda made me mad but yeah i made the train and then stayed with the assistants and my MTC comp (Æ.Elsbury) that night. It was so nice to see Æ. Elsbury, i look up to him so much! ah man i love him! but yeah i dont know if i passed the test but i am about 99.9% sure i did. haha so yeah i was able to get the box when i was in copenhagen and so yeah thank you so much!!! i loved everything! oh yeah and thanks for the Oatmeal packets, they don't have those here! Those are already gone!.

umm wow that is really great to hear that Kara is serving a mission! wow! That is the best thing for her right now! A mission is the best thing that anyone can do in their life time! Ah man everyday gets better and better. Thanks for the Cini tips!  We got 5 phone numbers this last week so we are hoping and praying that they are interested. We pretty much just contact on the streets all day! ughhh its tough but i love talking to people when they are willing to listen. If only people would take just 5 minutes to listen!!! If only they knew how much the gospel could bless them! ahh it makes me so sad! oh haha we contacted this muslim guy who was an ice cream man in Southern California. haha that was funny. Oh and this English Rapper who was like "dude i gotta have that book!" and i was like "well we dont have one in english on us but i will holla atcha ya if you give me your digits, we could possible stop by your crib sometime." haha He started laughing and was like "Sure man! here you go, holla at me sometime!" haha so funny. great guy. umm what else.... oh today i am starting to speak Danish 24/7. i Hope i can keep to my goal. i want to get better so bad! Everyone goes nuts when i tell them i have been here for 4 months. haha they are like "What the heck! how is that possible that you can speak such good danish!?" its funny. well i better get going! love you Mom, Dad, Sarah, Brian, Swede, Brock, Josh, Heidi, Jacob, Chase, Talia, Klint!


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