Sunday, February 10, 2013

email from feb. 4

Hey Mom and Dad!

Highlight of the week... Three months ago Æ. Hammond and I talked to a very nice couple, Frederik and Mallory, they just got married and are in their 20s. We taught them a lesson and offered them a book but they said no. We ended up giving them our number and that was the end of the conversation. This last week Æ. Whitlock and Æ. Hansen were on their way to Århus and ended up sitting next to Frederik on the train. They had an amazing talk! Frederik mentioned that he had talked to some missionaries before in Århus and that he would like to talk with them again. The Fredericia elders ended up getting his number and told him that the missionaries would give him a call soon!

While on splits the next day Æ. Whitlock and I gave Frederik a call and he said that he could meet that day. Æ. Whitlock and I both went to the appointment and right when we got there Frederik pointed to me and was like " Hey it was you that i talked to in the bus stop!" I responded "Are you sure??" He responded " YES! YES! IT WAS YOU! " At that moment it all came back to me and i suddenly remembered everything that we had talked about 3 months ago. We ended up answering a ton of questions that Frederik had about the church. He told us that he was very religious and said that if the spirit told him to do something that he would always act upon it. We actually talked a lot about the Word of Wisdom and at the end of the lesson he told us that something was telling him that he needed to stop smoking. His wife was there too and she was very sweet and attentive as well. The whole appointment i felt like i had known them for months, we had amazing conversation and in the end they both got the impression that we are just normal people. AMAZING COUPLE! I know they are going to get baptized! They are going on there honey moon for the next two weeks because they just got married on new years but they said that we could come again when they got back! What a blessing the Lord has given me and Æ. Hammond!

I don't want to get your hopes up or anything but i honestly think that this couple is going to be "The Golden Couple" of my mission. Me and Frederik hit it off, he is sooo cool!!! I told him all about myself and i how i like to skate and snowboard and he thought that was super dope. At the end he was like "You guys are actually pretty cool!" I cant wait to teach them again! Such an amazing couple!  Æ. Whitlock and I bore testimony the whole time and told him that it is because of the Gospel that we are the people we are today. Ahh man they are amazing! i hope that all made sense! I was so excited to tell you about them! ha.

Everything else is great! We only have 2 weeks together and then he will be leaving. I am so glad that i have some more time in Århus! =) Æ. Karen was amazing!! He pretty much talked about how we need to let our light shine so that others can see it! He said that we needed to smile more and really show that joy that comes from the Gospel. I thought about that a lot and realized that smiling and being happy is another way that we can bear testimony. When we smile and are happy and show enthusiasm others can see the joys that come from the Gospel. I bore my testimony in church yesterday and shared a thought or two about what Æ. Karen had said. Everyone came up to me after and said that they really enjoyed my testimony. Amazing week! =) Today we are playing Badminton with our misson leader, should be fun! ha

Sounds like everything back home is great and that everyone is doing amazing! I love and miss you guys so much! When we were teaching Frederik and his wife we talked a little about families and i almost lost it when i was telling him about what my family meant to me. Thanks for all your prayers and support! Telling everyone i said hi!

Æ. Wible

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