Monday, January 28, 2013

email from january 21

This last week was actually pretty good! Æ. Hammond and I spent a lot of time trying to find some less active members which actually wasn't very successful! =( but yeah our investigators are doing really good! The Romanians are great! Marius isn't going to make his date but he is still positive and wants to meet but is just too busy with work. Danny, Anika and Danny are great also! We taught them the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity this last week and they were very accepting to the message and were able to understand the benefits of these commandments that we receive from our Heavenly Father. Danny who has a date for the 26th isn't going to make his date unfortunately but he still has a desire to get baptized but he has some concerns that we are going to have to work with. Anika, his sister told us that she wants to be baptized around the same time as Danny so that was exciting to hear! Æ. Hammond and I really have a lot to work with, we have a huge responsibility of helping these investigators become baptized. What a blessing! We truly are being blessed!

Sunday was amazing!! Danny, Anika and Danny (oh the other danny is Anikas boyfriend, from romania also, confusing, i know! haha) but yeah the 3 of them came to church!! And so did Vibeke! Remember that story of that lady who visited Navoo and now wants to get baptized?? yeah that's Vibeke. She is going back to Navoo the 10th of may to get baptized! =)

MIRACLE! Well we always have miracles but this is sweet!

Well the miracle came Saturday while we were on splits with the Zone Leaders. Æ. Hammond spent the day with Æ. Sorensen where they were able to give out 8 books! Æ. Wright and I went and knocked for a little while. While knocking, one lady answered and then immediately said no thanks. We continued to knock the next door and then after the previous lady opened her door again and told us to come in and teach her 18 year old son! Æ. Wright and I gladly walked in and met her son by the name of David. He recently became a Christian about 5 months ago. The whole family is from Kenya, the mom has lived in Denmark for about 10 years now but the son just moved to Denmark about 6 months ago. David didn't know much danish but we were able to communicate in English. We taught David about prayer and the importance of communicating with our Father in heaven. Amazing lesson! The mom said we could come back next week and teach him more.

but yeah way cool! Æ. Wright who i was with is amazing! He is the new zone leader that just came to Århus! I will be living with him for the next 2 months at least! Way cool guy!

Oh my first district meeting went great! Except for the fact that i forgot all my notes! haha So yeah i just had to wing it and went great! I was able to remember everything and everyone said it was great. Oh and last night we had dinner with our mission leader and his family, they are an amazing family! I love them so much! I just love all the members in Denmark! I cant decide who is my favorite because they are all amazing! haha We are always pranking our Mission Leader and so its like a constant battle of pranking which is sooo funny! We are always pranking each other in the apt too which keeps us laughing and having a good time.  oh i love Århus! oh and so for opening and closing prayers in sacrament our bishop just randomly calls on people to give prayers over the pulpit and for the last 5 weeks we has called on me to give the closing prayer! haha EVERYWEEK!! haha We cant figure it out! I guess im just always the first person he looks at! haha well i dont have much time! Hope this email is long enough! Love you guys! Have a good week!

Æ. Wible


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