Monday, March 4, 2013

email from feb. 25

Kære Familie,

Well im going to first send you the same letter that i sent to my mission president. Amazing week by the way..

Dear President Sederholm,

This last week was amazing!

Monday evening we had a great appointment with Vibeke! She is doing amazing. She has been reading the Book of Mormon through Skype with her friend in the states. We talked about Lehi's Dream and how we can apply this dream to our daily lives. The senior couple came as well and were able to participate which was great!

CUV was great! Danny, Anika and Danny came! They all had a great time and got along well with the members!

Transfers and everything went great! Nikoli and Æ. VanDenBerghe arrived safely and on time. We spent the beginning of that day getting settled in and making goals for the transfer. After we spent the rest of the night knocking and finding some new places to knock.

Thursday was a fantastic day! We started the day off with District meeting which was great! We then had appointment with a member in Odder who unfortunately had forgotten about our appointment so we spent the next 4 hours walking around in that city that I'm sure hasn't been worked in years. We were able to give out a couple books and find literally a 100 opgangs to knock! We are so excited to go to Odder and work there! There is so much work that needs to be done! 

Friday we did our weekly planning and then went contacting for a little while. Later that evening we had a dinner appointment with a member and then after we knocked the rest of the night.

Saturday was very busy! We had an appointment with a former investigator named Radik,. That appointment went great! We had a great discussion with him and then right after we had an appointment with Danny which went okay. Danny is slowly starting to not believe in the Book of Mormon so we talked a lot about the spirit and how the spirit can testify truth unto us. We invited him again to pray to know if the book of Mormon and he said he would. That evening we had a dinner appointment with a member family which was great! On our way home ( about 8:30) i get a call from our bishop who asked me if i could speak for 25 minutes in church the next day which i gladly accepted.

My talk in church went great. I was very satisfied and everyone said i did a great job which was great to hear. Vibeke and Marius came! Vibeke could only stay for Sacrament but Marius stayed and we talked about the Tree of Life with him. We then ended the evening with yet another dinner appointment with a less active member in the Zone Leaders area. AMAZING WEEK!

It was definitely fun and interesting working with Nikoli this week. Before transfers i only heard negative things about Nicoli so i was little worried at first but i wasn't going to let others opinions get me down. The past couple days have been amazing working with him. We laugh and have a good time together, there is never a dull moment! Other then the fact that he lost his bus pass last night and we had to go looking in the snow this morning for an hour, he is a great guy. ( We found it by the way) He bore his testimony in church yesterday for the first in his whole life. Hes got a great testimony and he is very excited to work in Århus with me and Æ. VanDenBerghe! Æ. VanDenBerghe and I made a goal to help him all we can so that he can prepare himself to serve a mission but learn something from him at the same time. I can promise you that he is going to come out of his mini mission a changed person.

Æ. VanDenberghe is amazing! I am so excited to work with him! Thank you so much for this new opportunity you have given me to grow! Thanks for everything and the hard work that you put forth! Have a great week!

Æ. Wible

So that was my week! Now for some more details! ha

Nicoli (Mini Missionary) : Don't know where to begin... hahahahahahaha <- - - - - - -  That right there is a good beginning because that is all that me and Æ. VanDeBerghe have been doing the past 4 days. haha Nicoli is a very interesting guy. He hates speaking Danish even though its his first language, he will only speak it if he is talking to a Dane. haha Whatever. He said he is still willing to help Me and Æ. VanDenBerghe get better at Danish. I'm happy that he is with us because i don't think the other missionaries in the mission would be nice to him.

Oh yeah so last night we were running to catch a bus ( that's all we do in Århus! haha ) and Nicoli's $100 bus pass which he just bought the day before, fell out of his pocket. We get home and he told us he lost it so me and Æ. VDB (Short for Vandenberghe) We just started busting up and were like okay we will go first thing in the morning and try to find it. Of course it had to snow 4 inches last night so this morning we ( We, meaning me and Æ. VDB)  kicked around snow for an hour to try and find his bus pass. yeah he just watched the us the whole time. haha Finally we found it which was a BIG relief! haha

okay now for Æ. VDB :STUD! hahah Super cool kid! We get along so well and have so much together. He has been on his mission for 6 months and his Danish is way good which is good. He likes everything clean and fresh, kinda like me so that is good. Oh yeah hes from Riverton, Utah. Definitely my new favorite comp.

Yeah my talk on Sunday couldn't have gone any better. Believe it or not it was actually my first talk in sacrament meeting on my mission. haha I was a little nervous because our bishop called me the night before be it turned out great! I cracked a joke at the beginning which i was nervous for but it was perfect! haha The whole ward was cracking up. haha I spoke on M. Russell Ballards talked titled "Be Anxiously Engaged" from the last general conference. I just wrote down some notes and some personal stories and ended up speaking for about 25 minutes. At the end of sacrament our bishop came asked me how long i had left in Århus, i said "at least 6 weeks" he replied "okay so that's 6 more talks we get to hear from you in sacrament! " he told me i did an amazing job and that he is really going to miss me when i get transferred. I got down from the pulpit and got a ton of compliments from the members! Ah man i felt so proud of myself after that talk! haha
Æ. Wible


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