Monday, March 4, 2013

email from march 4

Im doing fantastic! This last week was great! It went by soooo fast! WOW! Nothing really new. We have been trying to get ahold of frederik but he has been way busy so we werent able to meet with him. We arnt giving up on him though! 

We did a lot of knocking this last week! We were working in a city called Odder. Its a way cool city! I like it at least. haha The people are a little more humble who live there. There is a ton of work to do there! We had stake conference yesterday so i was able to see a lot of members from my first area Fredericia. I was so nice to see them! Ahh man i was running around like crazy talking to everyone! We had a lot of missionaries there too and they were just chillin the whole time and im just like well im going to go talk to some members and get to know them. President Sederholm was there also so it was nice to see him.

You remember stake conferences back in cali? You know how like right after they get going on taking down the chairs?? Yeah well no one does that here. haha So i got Æ. VDB to help me and we took all the chairs down and cleaned up the building. Afterwards the Stake President came up to us and thanked us.

Have i told you about the increase in missionaries in the Denmark, Copenhagen Mission?? We have 55 now and by the end of the year we will have 104! WOW! I am sooo excited! We are getting like 10 next month and then 10 in may. Oh and they are opening up an island called Bornholm. Google it. Two missionaries will be going there next transfer, April 10th. I should be leaving Århus on that date so maybe i will go to Bornholm, that would be way cool!

The weather is warming up which is nice! It was like 40 degrees this last week and the sun is out today! We are going to go play some basketball right now outside so we are pretty excited about that! I love you guys! Have a good week!

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