Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10

Hey Guys! Wow another week gone by! Everyday goes by so fast here! I cant believe it! This last week was amazing!Everyday i learned a principle that i know will help me throughout my life! I have the greatest teachers ever, every one of them has inspired me and i am so thankful for their inspiration. Everything is great though! I am still enjoying the food and the people here at the MTC! Funny story... So us Danes and the Belgium guys were sitting at lunch one day and this senior couple sits by us. We decided to talk to them and we asked them where they were serving, they told us that they are the new mission presidents for the Belgium, Netherlands mission! We all flipped because it was middle part Monday! On Mondays we always middle part our hair like alfalfa from The Little Rascals! So we all explained to them why we looked so ridiculous. haha. They didn't care though. They are the nicest people ever! They sit with us at breakfast, lunch and dinner now! They are such nice people! OH! We also have slick back Saturdays as well! :)
OH! Tuesday night for Devo, Elder D. Todd Christoferson came and spoke to us! It was intense! That's all i gotta say! He did a great job, as was expected! We all look forward to Devos and Firesides! Language is coming! I can just about teach the first lesson in Danish! These last couple weeks have really put my faith to the test! I have never relied on the Lord so much in my life! I cant believe that it has taken me 19 years to figure out that with faith, you can accomplish anything! These last couple weeks i know the Lord has truly blessed me!
There is one elder in our threesome who we haven't been getting along with so this last week we decided to finally get some things worked out. It wasn't pretty but we got some things figured out and i know through our new love for one another, we able to teach better together! I hope all is well at home! I miss everyone! I think about everyone everyday! It doesn't get me down though because i know this is where i am supposed to be! I love it here so much! I cant wait to get to Denmark! I am extremely nervous but i know that when i put my faith in the Lord, that he will help me! 6 more weeks! Its gonna go by fast! Don't hesitate to write me! I promise i will write you back! My address should be on facebook or my blog or something! Well gotta go! Love you all! :)
P.S. Hope everything made sense! I didn't proof read it!

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