Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey everyone! Wow! I cant believe how fast my stay at the MTC has gone by! I love it here so much but i just cant wait to get to Denmark! 25 more days in the MTC! This week, i made it a goal to meet some of the older couples in the MTC. I don't know why but i really like talking to them, they are all great people and they all give me good advice! haha So i have like 5 couples that i see every time i am in the cafeteria and we always say hi to each other! haha. My comps think i am weird but i don't care! Speaking of comps! The three of us are doing amazing! Our relationship has grown so much and we are able to teach a lot better.
Oh! On Sunday i was made Zone Leader over like 35 missionary's! So i was stressing a little this week. i have to do this orientation thing tonight for some new missionary's that came in, its a piece of cake though. We have some really cool missionary's that came in, i love them so much! As far as the language goes... yesterday was like my worst day! I was feeling super down because i feel like i can speak the language better than i can understand it! I cant understand like anything my teacher is saying to me! I set some new goals this week that i think will help me understand the language more. So we will see how that goes.
I never thought I would say this but i think i am at my max for happiness right now. I love it here so much! The spirit in the MTC is so strong! I am sorry to say this but I am so glad i am here and not at home! I know this is what i am supposed to be doing! i know Denmark is the place i am supposed to be! Thanks again everyone for all the letters and packages this week! Keep them coming! I promise i will right you back! Well sorry nothing too exciting is going on right now! 25 more days and i will have some crazy stuff to say! haha i am so nervous for my first real contact! i think about that so much! ha. Well take care! I love and miss you all!

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