Thursday, June 28, 2012

First letter from Denmark!


Wow i am in Denmark! This is crazy! My flight and everything went well! We left from SLC at 8am and landed in Denmark at 715am the next day. haha I sat next to one of the band managers for iron maiden. haha he was a funny guy. we talked about the church for like an hour and i was able to bare my testimony. Then on my flight to Kopenehaven i sat next to this couple that were making out the whole plane ride, i was too scared to talk to them. haha. We landed and i met the mission præsident who is an amazing person. We went and contacted for a little bit in kopenehaven and then went to Frederiksborg slot which was dope! Beautiful castle! Then we had dinner with the mission præsident and his wife, which was amazing! By that time it was like 730pm and we all knocked out. haha Best sleep of my life!

Next day was Wednesday and i got my assigned area and companion and then we left to our area. I am in Fredericia now and it is so beautiful! I love the area so much! There are about 60 members in the ward which is one of the highest in all of Denmark. Oh man it is so amazing here! I love the Weather so much! Its a little chill but perfect! It rains pretty much everyday but its a light rain so its not too bad. I love the rain though, it always smells fresh because of the rain, you feel me? The food is amazing! I have been trying new things everyday and there hasn't been anything i don't like yet! haha Oh my comp is so cool! i love him already! We get along really well and he is always throwing me in the water when it comes to contacting or teaching or whatever! Despite how much i hate making a fool outta myself, i always come out learning something so i am glad that he does it. haha. oh hahahaha funny story. so...

Church was yesterday and i met some amazing people in the ward! We had sacrament meeting and i was tripping because i knew i was going to have to bare my testimony but i kinda wanted to though. So the bishop introduced me and then didn't call me up so i was kinda relieved but mad because i really wanted to bare my testimony in dansk! So after we got the sacrament he called me up and so i was little nervous but i felt somewhat confident in my dansk. So haha i get up to the mic and i was kinda scared now, i grab the mic to adjust it and right as i grabbed it, it made a really loud static sound which scared everyone including myself. haha I about pooped my pants. haha so i was like uskyld! uskyld! sorry. haha so then i looked at my comp who was just ready to bust up in laughter! haha. I then bore my testimony and then sat down. After Sacrament i had so many members come up to me and tell me how great of a testimony i have and how good my dansk is! That really made me feel good!

Oh guess what? In my first ever lesson taught i invited one of our investigator's to be baptized and she said yes! haha wow! I was so excited! I mean but i am not gonna take credit because i didn't even teach any of the previous lessons but it was a really cool experience! Oh i met one of the recent converts who was baptized in April and she is such an amazing person! She has a son who is soo cool! haha He is 7 years old and is always correcting me on my dansk. He drew me a picture of us holding hands and like it totally made my day! oh haha Saturday was burn a witch day! Ha. Its a big thing here, everyone does it. So we went with one of our recent converts to watch a witch get  burned. kinda cool. haha

mmmmm what else... oh we had service the other day where we stuccoed someones house. haha it was a lot of work but we got it done. but yeah everything is great here! I love it so much! Oh the women are beautiful! Don't worry i only look once, i promise! They arnt my focus! haha. well i think i am gonna go shopping today! I gotta get me some Euro swag! haha Everyone is dressed so classy here! i love it. haha i am sorry but i am coming back with a new taste in clothing. haha. well I love you all! Send me letters! My address should be posted in my blog. love you!!!! =)


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