Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey everyone! 19 more days in the MTC! I AM READY TO LEAVE! I love it but i am ready for Denmark! haha. I cant wait to have better stories and experiences. This last week was amazing! It was probably my worst but my best week! I have been getting a little frustrated lately because i can speak Danish better than i can understand it! It has been making me so mad, It is coming though. Yesterday was the best day ever! First of all i got to be a host for the new missionary's! I got to pick up two separate missionary's from the curb and pretty much got to relive my first day in the MTC! It was so cool.
Yesterday we also taught the best lesson ever! We taught our teacher as himself not as an investigator and our goal was to address his needs! It was an amazing lesson! We were all tripppin about this lesson because we really wanted to address his needs and help him out! We taught him for 45 minutes and after the lesson he told us that what we taught him was what he needed! My teacher started to get a little emotional and told us how thankful he was was us missionary's. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. It was an amazing experience! Best day at the MTC!
Well i gotta go write some letters! Love you all! Take care!

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