Thursday, June 21, 2012

last email from elder wible from the mtc

Hey there! Sorry i didn't put out an email last week! Nothing too exciting happened. Well.. This is my last email from the MTC! On Monday, June 18th, I will start my journey to Denmark where i will be for the next 22 months! I cant wait! My MTC experience has been so amazing, i am so glad i was able to be here for 9 weeks! I learned soooo much! I was humbled right from the start! I learned patience through my companionship, I learned the importance of being obedient, having love and charity for others, Faith, a little bit of Danish, and of course a better knowledge of the Gospel! But i think i learned the most about myself, my potential, and the person i dream of being one day.
The one person who sets the greatest example for me is our savior Jesus Christ and i know i have drawn closer to him from the past 9 weeks. I want to be just like my savior and i have made it life long goal to strive to be like him everyday. The MTC is an amazing place! It not only prepared me for the rest of my mission but for the rest of my life! There were so many great people in the MTC that i will remember for the rest of my life who have inspired me to be a better person! My teachers were the best teachers ever and the branch presidency showed a great amount of love for me the rest of the missionaries. They have all the qualities of our savior and that is exactly what i will strive for throughout my mission.
I cant believe how fast these 9 weeks have gone by! Its crazy! I go to sleep every night and just think to myself "WOW that day went by sooo fast!" I am currently not really nervous for Denmark but i am sure i will be. My faith has grown so much in the MTC! If i have faith then i can do anything that is Lord asks of me! I know is Church is true! I know we have a heavenly father who hears and answers our prayers! I know that through the Atoning sacrifice of our savior that we can become clean from our sins and live with our heavenly father again! I know that as we strive to be obedient we will not only receive blessings but the constant companionship of the holy ghost in our lives! This Gospel is amazing! I asked myself everyday "How can i be so happy doing the hardest thing i have ever done?" I have been blessed everyday here at the MTC and i know that it is because my desire to be like my savior! Well i gotta go. My next email will be from Denmark! ahhhhh!! haha. I am soo excited! Well peace out!

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