Monday, August 6, 2012

Email from 7/16/12

Hey everyone! Sorry i haven't really had much time to write a blog entry but yeah everything is going so good! I love it so much in Denmark! the people are so amazing! The members are amazing! I eat like a champ! I just am loving every minute if it! The language gets better and better everyday! I am so thankful to be a missionary! To see how the gospel changes peoples lives is so amazing!!

A couple weeks ago we knocked on a guys door and gave him a Book of Mormon and he was way excited and told us that we could come back and talk some more! so we came back and he was a wreck! He really needed some help in his life. We taught him the restoration and about the book of Mormon and he loved our message! The next time we came back he had a smile on his face and was super excited to see us! His apt was just a little cleaner and you could start to feel a positive energy in his apt. He came to church and told us how amazing this gospel is! How it brings so much happiness into his life! We plan on having a baptismal date this week! We are so excited for him! This is what missionary work is all about! Inviting others to come unto Christ so He can change their life! Missionaries don't change people, Jesus Christ does. I am so glad i get to do this for 21 more months! I cant wait to speak fluent danish! It is only gonna get better! I love this gospel so much! It brings me peace and joy everyday that i live it! Everyday i am blessed and that is because i choose to follow Christ. Well i gtg! sorry it is so short but i hope all is well with everyone! Send me letters! i want to hear from everyone! my address should be somewhere in my blog! love you all! 

Oh almost forgot! I went to the Copenhagen temple this week! Wow! so amazing! okay lets be honest, it looks a little ugly from the outside but the inside is sooooo cool! haha If James Bond had a temple it would be the Copenhagen temple! The inside has so many amazing painting and stairways and all this cool stuff! Everything is so new and clean!  haha ahh i loved it so much! okay gtg! 


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