Monday, October 29, 2012

email from october 29

Hey mom! this last week was crazy but i am here now in Århus! I love it here already! Its a lot different being in an area without a car! The bus system is good though and its a great way to talk to people. My new companion is Æ. Hammond. He is cool. Very laid back. This area has a lot of work to be done. There hasn't much excitement and the previous missionariess haven't been working the hardest here but i wanna step it up and dazzle the ward! The apartment is okay. The first i got there is was a mess!!! YUCK! i was like "well i am not going to be living like this for the next 4 months!" so i like spent like 2 hours cleaning the dishes and getting rid of a ton of junk! The apartment is clean now and a little more orderly. So i am the mom of the apartment. I cook every night. This last week i made spaghetti, fried rice, tacos. haha my comp and the zone leaders love me. oh and the past 2 days i have been sick with a cold so after church yesterday Æ. hammond and I stayed in out of the cold but i actually made a loaf of bread yesterday and i made Cinnamon rolls. haha i had a recipe to make bread but i made the Cinnamon rolls just off of how i remembered you making them. haha they turned out soooo good! and the bread too! oh and Halloween here isn't as big as it is in the states. well i guess i will see here in a couple days. well i dont have much time but here are a couple pics! Enjoy!  oh and it is sooooo cold!!! and the wind is always blowing!!! we are supposed to get some snow soon! I hope!!! =) well gtg! love you all!

oh and the work here in Århus, we are pretty much are just starting from scratch. ugh! =) keep me in your prayers! oh and on Sunday Æ. Hammond and i taught guest class and priesthood! went amazing!

oh okay the family one is Sarah and her 2 kids! and then the bread and cinnimon rolls

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