Monday, January 28, 2013

email from january 14

This last week was great! CUV was amazing! CUV is like a place for young adults aged 18-30. But its been pretty lame the past couple months because there arn't too many people to attend. But this last week was so much fun! We had some less actives come and some members came as well and i was in charge of the activity and so i thought it would be fun to play 3 legged soccer in the gym. haha yeah pretty much you partner up with someone and tie your inner legs together and then play soccer but yeah everyone had a blast! sooooo funny! haha Everyone said that it was the best CUV that we have had in a while!

We also met with some less actives this last week which were good. OH! we were knocking this last week and we knocked on this guys door and he was like " oh come in!" so we went in and yeah he was drunk but he was like yeah i really like you mormons, you guys are cool! And like he sat super close to Æ. Hammond and then put is arm around him and then gave him a huge kiss on the head. hahaha so funny!! then i was like well actually we gotta go and then we booked it outta there. 

We also had a great Zone Training and i had to give a 15minute training on whatever and so i chose diligence. That went really well! This next week i have to start holding district meetings! That will keep me busy! Cant wait! Our investigators are doing great, Danny and Marius will not make their date anymore, they need a couple more weeks. Danny still needs to come to church. Marius came this last sunday so that was amazing! I love him so much!

Everything else is great! The members in Århus are so amazing! I love them so much! They are such amazing people! My goal is to make every area better then the way it was when i originally got there. I have started to make up this less active member list for the our area, on the list it will include whether the member wants to be visited or not and all this other stuff but yeah it will be so beneficial for the future missionaries because they will know who to visit and who not to visit. We have nothing like that now so i think it will be nice to have for the future missionaries. well gtg! Love you all!

Æ. Wible


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