Monday, January 28, 2013

email from january 7

Okay so New Years was amazing! i thought Hawaii had the best New Years but i was wrong, Denmark does! haha They sell legit Disneyland Fireworks everywhere and they are completely legal! But yeah the night was filled with light on New Years! AMAZING! We were with our Bishop and his family and then another family. I had so much fun with our Bishops boys! They bought a ton of fireworks so we just lit those off like all night! haha they even have indoor fireworks here so crazy! haha That night was amazing though!

All the leadership in the mission had a meeting on Friday so i was able to go to that. The trip was fun and in the end we all were able to go to the Temple! Amazing experience!

Oh we had a great appointment with Vibeke this last week! She is an amazing lady! WOW! She is so loving and caring and she really spoils us when we come over! Her daughter hasn't gone in yet for her surgery but we are hoping and praying that is goes well! Marius wasn't able to come to church yesterday, we are really getting worried now because he may not make his date. Same with Danny too. Danny already has a testimony, he just needs to come to church! We will just continue to pray for them.

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