Wednesday, May 29, 2013

email from may 6

Hey Mom!
Yeah the misison is really being blessed right now! Here is a outline of my week!
Monday we had a great appointment with a part member family from Russia. The mom and two daughters are both members but the dad and two sons are not. Throughout the appointment we talked a lot about where they are from and so it was a great opportunity to get to know the whole family. We talked about family history for a little bit and i told them that i have some family that came from Russia way back but i couldn't remember their names. They were so anxious to know and told us to come back as soon as we can and to bring my Pedigree Chart which i never thought i would ever use on my mission. haha. The dad and brother had to leave half way through the appointment so they were not able to hear our spiritual thought but they said that we are always invited over.
Tuesday in the morning we helped the Zone Leaders move into their new apartment and then went on splits with them in the evening. In Allerød Æ Mortonsen and I went to an eating appointment with a member that evening which was great. We shared a great spiritual thought in which we thanked them for all that they do for the missionaries.
Wednesday we had our district meeting so that the Zone Leaders could come. We had a great meeting. We have a fantastic district! I feel like we are all super close to one another and want to help each other in whatever way that we can. Later that evening we had an appointment with a less active family. It went great! We shared a great spiritual thought about Christ and told them about all the success that we are having in the mission.
Thursday we had a great appointment with member family. The daughter is no longer active but she was very nice and showed a great interest in getting to know us. We helped them move some furniture and in the end we shared a great spiritual thought about the blessings that we see in our lives. Amazing evening!
Sunday we had a great evening! Our bishop invited us over for lunch along with all the young adults in our ward. We had a great lunch and then right after Æ. Dunshee and I talked about missionary work and how we can tell others about the gospel. Another great appointment!
Ah man i love the members here so much! They are very supportive of the missionary work and want to help us in anyway possible. We had a great sacrament meeting yesterday and i felt so strongly that i needed to bare my testimony so i got up and talked about how blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives! We had a appointment about two weeks ago with a member and during the appointment their home teachers came over and did exactly what they were supposed to do. It was so amazing to see them so faithful in their calling as home teachers. A lot of wards in Denmark have a problem with home teachers and so it was just so great to see that it is getting done Allerød! Æ. Dunshee and I have been having a hard time lately finding new people to teach, we have been working a lot with less actives. This week is going to be great! We have some great appointments lined up that we are way excited for! haha oh and i think i told you but the kids love us! haha They go crazy for us each week! haha

Æ. Wible

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