Wednesday, May 29, 2013

email from may 20

Dear Readers,

Great week! Nothing too crazy happened. We ate with our bishop and his family on tuesday which was amazing! He has a son that just got back from his mission in Chicago, he's a way cool kid! Such an amazing family! Oh we also had our district activity which was way fun.We went to this like huge park and tried to feed some deer which is possible but i couldnt find a way to do it. We took some cool pictures that i will send soon. 

Finn is getting baptized on Saturday! We met with him two times this week to make sure he is ready and he is more than ready to be baptized. We are meeting with him two more times this week before the baptism with our bishop so we are way stoked. We have the baptism planned out and i get the privilege of speaking on the Holy Ghost. Should be an amazing day!

The members really hooked us up this last week! We had an appointment with an American family! Way cool! Yesterday we right after church we had another eating appointment with a middle aged family and there kids. They have 2 younger boys that are just NUTS! I cant wait to see Sarah trying to calm her 3 boys down while Brian is out of town or something! hahaha Oh and it will be tough for heidi too as Jacob and Chase get older. But yeah we ate like champs yesterday! Oh yeah so my favorite cake from denmark is called Dream Cake ! Here is a link!

Any partaker of this cake will be mind blown! 
We had a mission conference this last week! President Snow came and spoke to us! Amazing! Other than that, nothing else new. Transfers is on wednsday, i will be staying here in Allerød a little longer well until more visa come in. So i really could get transferred any day! Æ. Dunshee and I are doing great! Oh check it this out! It is Sister Sederholms picture blog! Link!

Well gotta go! Love you all! Have a great week! 

Æ. Wible

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