Wednesday, May 29, 2013

email from april 29

This last week was good. We had some amazing appointments with the members. Me and Æ. Dunshee connect pretty well and have a good time with all the kids in the ward. Every week we meet new kids and so they are always jumping all over us. The members love us for the most part. We have been doing quite a bit of service lately so the members are way happy for us. Saturday we had to help the formal bishop clean out his shed/Workshop. The whole time i was just having flashbacks of dads garage in Cali and how he would be like " Hey Mack you wanna help me clean the garage for like 15 minutes? me " not really... " Dad "Well you have no choice, get out here, it will only be for 15 minutes" under his breath he then says " more like 2 hours" hahahaha ah man i miss that. But yeah the member, his name is iLeaf, he was was like " okay i need you, elder Wible to clean up my work table, orginize all my tools and everything" so yeah the whole time i was thinking like dad and was like " okay where would dad have this in his garage? " But yeah the shop looked way good in the end and iLeaf was way thrilled. 
oh hahahaha we were helping an older couple clean out their attic and of course i was chosen to go into the attic because i was the smallest. Man it was a disaster, worst than our attic in Cali. There was rat poop everywhere and like birds flying around. i was up there for like 2 hours and didn't even make a dent! They made pizza though for us so that was good. Oh if i was asked what i ate the most on my mission, that answer would be PIZZA! SOOOO MUCH PIZZA! Its way good though, i love it.
Well i wish i had some cool miracle stories about our investigators... Fin is the only person we are really teaching right now. He has a baptismal date for the 25th of May which he is way excited about. He is like 60 and he stopped smoking like 3 weeks ago. Oh yeah that's the first time i have ever seen someone actually stop smoking. I mean i have extended plenty of commitments to keep the Word of Wisdom but no one has actually committed to do it like Fin. He is a great guy!
Played some bball this morning. Æ. Dunshee and I have been working out and getting in shape, he has like 4 months left so he wants to look good. I will try to upload some new pictures as soon as i can, here are a couple teasers though. 
Æ. Wible
The group pic is the Århus Young Single Adult group, half of which are the Århus missionaries. haha 


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