Thursday, December 26, 2013

Email from December 9, 2013

Dear Family!

AMAZING WEEK! A lot of miracles happened, let me tell you!

About 2 weeks ago Æ. Gifford and I knocked into a nice girl named Mia
( 19 years old) . We presented the gospel to her and asked if we could
come back again and talk a little more. She was really unsure and so
we ended up giving her our card and told her if she ever wanted to
meet again that she could call us. This last Tuesday we got a text
from Mia asking if she could come to church and see what we believe
in! We said of course and asked if we could meet before Sunday and she
said yes! I seriously could not sleep that night! A young 
Dane randomly texting us to learn more about our church... That never
happens! haha So on Saturday we brought a member with and taught Mia
about the Book of Mormon. The member we brought with was perfect and
the lesson went AMAZING!  She is atheist but she said she has a desire
to learn about our religion. She plans on coming this next Sunday to
church! NEVER on my mission have i had someone use the card we gave
them to contact us. A lot of potential here!

We had a great appointment with Vibeke as well! We we arrived to the
appointment her ex-husband was there so we thought oh man this isn't
going to be good. We talked a lot about Jesus Christ and the reason we
celebrate Christmas. Both Vibeke and her ex husband were touched by
the message and they both agreed to come to church on Sunday and they
did! =) We met with them twice last week.

We had a good zone conference as well this last week! 4 missionaries
will be going home next week including Æ. Peterson who lives in Idaho
falls. Great guy, he really is, missionary life was just a little hard
for him. The training had a lot to do with Christlike Attributes and
how we can improve and obtain these attributes, way inspiring! =) Oh
yeah and we had a "Danish Hurricane" which was actually pretty crazy,
a ton of wind so president asked us to stay in for the day.

President talked with me at the training for a little bit about
transfers. He asked me if i wanted to stay or leave Slagelse, i said "
President i love slagelse, its been the highlight of my mission but i
would like one last change before i go home. " So this week i find out
if i am leaving, transfers is on the 18th of this Month. Lame that it
is right before Christmas but it isn't hard for me to get to know the

Well that's about all! Thanks for everything! Thanks for sending the
package! Thanks for all your support! I HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER! =)
Love you!

Æ. Wible

Me and Stefan ( i cant even begin to tell you how much of a help him
and his family have been when it comes missionary work )

Æ. Petersen, myself and another missionary that is going home.

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