Thursday, December 26, 2013

Email from December 2, 2013

Dear Family,

This week was great! We helped a member in the ward move this last week and it was great to see how many members from the ward came out and helped her move. This ward is so amazing! They are so loving and kind and are always willing to help. We had a great appointment with Vibeke this last week. We taught about the plan of salvation. It went well but her understanding is not the quickest so we are going to switch some things up so that she can better understand. Vibeke came to church yesterday! We had an amazing fast and testimony meeting, i think every member bore a short and sweet testimony. During the meeting Vibeke leaned over to me and told me how happy she has been feeling lately, She said that she feels peace and comfort in her life and then she said " I think its because of you missionaries! " I told her that was the spirit she was feeling. She was really touched by the testimonies she heard, great Sunday!

Natascha came to church as well! She came just for sacrament but it was great to see her. I think i told you but we set a goal for her to
get baptized on the 11th of January. She isn't quite on board yet but
we are thinking within a week or two she will be!

This last week we met with the high council,  It was way good we just came prepared with good stuff that the wards are doing and some stuff that we could work on. But instead of leaving them with all these problems we came with some solutions that they were way happy to hear about so everyone was way impressed! I was glad to get that over with, i was stressing hardKOR!

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and had the chance to think about the true meaning and that it is not all about pigging out or making this huge creation of food that is only going to be on our
tongues for 2 seconds and then swallowed. So what, the turkey is dry and it tastes bad! Who cares! Back when grandma and grandpa were born,:) Thanksgiving was celebrated to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest. We too can do the same, we have received so much this past year and often times we forget to thank our Father in Heaven for that which we received.  We all have many things to be thankful for in our lives. Let us do as Amulek suggests in Alma 34 : 38 and " live in thanksgiving daily for all the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you."

I am thankful for the gospel in my life and am thankful to be a
missionary here in Denmark. I have learned so much about myself and about my purpose and i know that i was sent here for a reason, the Lord gave me this opportunity and i thank Him for it. I have no more time but i wish everyone a great week and a Merry Christmas! I love you!

Æ. Wible

Me and some studs of the mission and i wasn't wearing a tie because we
had just had a ping pong turny! And that is Æ. Gifford and his greenie
to the left in the second pic and Æ. Berry to the right. =)

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