Thursday, December 26, 2013

Email from November 25, 2013

Hey Family!

Great week! We taught Vibeke this last week! She is a very funny lady,We got to her place and saw her outside walking her cat on a leash, way funny. haha We talked about prophets and why it is important to have one today. I don't think she got anything out of the lesson because her cat was distracting her! oh well. We also taught a new
investigator named Alex,the chain smoker... The appointment went good. He told us after the previous appointment that he had had the greatest day ever, he told us he was able to talk to some cute girls ( hes like 50 ) and he thinks it was because of our visit. So after we taught him this last time he was like " yeah i am going to have a great day, i can feel, thanks guys! " haha yeah so i am not sure how much he gets out of our lessons but he sure does feel good after them . haha The word of wisdom is going to be tough for him.

Natascha came to church yesterday! She really enjoyed it, we mentioned baptism again but she is afraid to commit herself. The ward really hooked us up with some eating appointments this last week which was nice, I think i put on like 5 extra pounds, we pigged out. ( YOSO, you only serve once ) yeah so nothing else new. This next week we have a meeting with president and the high council, should be fine. yeah that is about all=).

Well i love you!
Have a good week! =)

Æ. Wible

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