Thursday, February 20, 2014

Email from February 10,2014

Hey so this week was pretty slow. We had a great appointment with a less active or i mean, i had a great appointment with a less active... haha half way through the appointment i look over and see Æ. Hafen asleep... haha i don't blame him. I did that a couple times too at the beginning bc i couldn't really understand anything... haha But yeah we had a great conversation! We pretty much just talked about the World and how corrupt its getting, And then i was just like, " Are you willing to make a difference?" She was like "yeahhh " I was like " okay come to church on Sunday and i promise that you can make a difference through your church attendance... " She didn't come to church... That is probably the most frustrating thing in the World, when people have the opportunity to make a difference and they don't take it...  We continue to create enemies in our own lives and instead of getting rid of them we just push them aside and don't do anything about it. If there is a problem think of a way that you could fix it, don't push it aside and rely on others to get it done. yeah anyways....
Yesterday we had a great eating appointment with a member Family. I love them so much! The dad and i jammed on the guitar for like 20 minutes and then the son was just like " come outside and scooter with me!" i couldn't pass up that opportunity to get a Little adrenaline rush! I ended borrowing some of the daughters shoes and we went out and i showed him some sick tricks! I love those Little opportunities to show people that we missionaries or members are normal people. So nothing else new.... Thanks for the letter Sarah! And Mom too! =) Well thanks for all the support and prayers! See you all soon! :)
Made some cinnamon rolls... =)
Æ. Wible

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