Thursday, February 20, 2014

Email from January 20, 2014

Dear Family,

This last week was great! Well i guess i will just start this letter
off on a more depressing note... just so you know, we don't have an
progressing investigators and was only able to teach one lesson this
last week and that was with a less active member. We are doing our
part and i know the Lord will bless us when he feels it is right. We
spend each of our days contacting, knocking and stopping by people but
nothing is coming out of it... We have tired to change Things but we
still are not seeing much success... But just because we can not SEE
it does not mean we are not making a difference... I know Æ. Hafen and
I are making a difference in our efforts... We say hi and greet
EVERYONE we come in contact with. We do it not only because we are
missionaries but because WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS and we respect one
another and as humans we should all be striving to make someone elses
through small things such as a smile or a wave... So even though we
can not see it, i know that though our smiles and through our waves we
have been making a difference.

This last week we had the opportunity to play basketball Again with
the Sønderborg team... Remember back when i was in Slagelse and we
played the football team, Americans vs Danes? Well we did just that
this last week... We asked the coach if we could do Americans vs Danes
and he got way pumped! haha so we divided everyone into 3 teams...
Danes, Americans and everyone else... ( we had two other elders there
as well WHO came for splits that day so we had a team of 6) The
Americans and the Danes played first and we won! Since we won we
stayed on the Court and played the third team and won! third game we
played the Danes and WON! Now the fourth game... At this point we had
been playing non stop and were drained, all of us! it was time for us
to play the third team which consisted of players from switzerland,
lithoania, germany, etc.... Game started and we were Down 10 to 6... (
we play to 11 and play by 1's and 2's). Æ. Hafen drained 2 threes in a
row to tie it up! (by the way, my blood pressure has risen since i
started writing about this, it was an epic night =) ) anyways its tied
up now... 10 - 10... the ball gets passed to me and i drain a 3 to win
the game... I'll admit it... i only made one shot that Whole night and
it was the most important shot! but that was not why we were there...
We didn't want to show that we were better than them in any way... We
just wanted to have fun and show them that Mormons are good people and
that is exactly what we did... by the end of the night everyone was on
their feet having a good time. Everyone knew who we were and why were
here in Denmark. I know everyone felt something different that
night... We made everyone feel welcome and made sure that there was no
one left out... We brought light and life to the game...

Now... i don't know who reads these emails but some of you may be
thinking... " mmm no wonder you are not teaching anyone... You are
spending your time (only 2 hours by the way) playing basketball each
week... "  Missionary Work is simply sharing our beliefs with others
and that is exactly what we did that night... We shared our beliefs
through basketball... We showed love and charity by making everyone
feel included and welcome. We did exactly as Jesus directs and let our
light shine so that others could see it... If you are letting your
light shine through your good example then you are doing effective
missionary Work... but don't hold back if you are prompted to bare
your testimony. Over time baring your testimony to a non member will
become easier and easier the more you do it... I love being a full
time missionary but  i am excited to become a member missionary when i
come home...

I invite everyone reading this email to do something out of the
ordinary this Next week... Think of someone ( it doesn't matter who)
who is in need of help and do something nice for that person... or
think of someone who you could invite to church... Ask yourself this
question... How can i help build up God's kingdom on the earth today?
That is after all one of our duties as members of the church... After
you have asked yourself that question you will know what do it, the
spirit will speak to you and you will feel it in your Heart. I love
you! Have a good week!

Æ .Wible

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