Thursday, February 20, 2014

Email from January 13,2014

Heyyyy... So i had my last interview (besides my 
closing interview)with President this last week...
He gave me my official release date... So transfers 
are on Mondays now and because of that i will be
coming home on a Tuesday now... March 11th... 
i am little bummed that i have to come home a month 
early in order to make it in time to take a couple 
classes... President said that missionaries do
that all the time and that it is okay... He said 
45 days early is like the limit... So yeah.. MARCH 11TH! 

This last week was great! We had a great zone 
conference but it was weird not having to worry about 
giving a training! haha 

So for the past couple weeks we (us 4 elders) have been trying to get
in contact with the Club basketball team here in 
Sønderborg... Finally we figured out when and where 
they train so on Wednesday we went to
one of their practices... We got there and started 
checking out the players to see how good they were and 
then we all agreed that the team ( age 18 and older ) 
was okay but nothing special. So we started Warming up 
and talking with the players and they were way stoked 
to see some new Guys that actually know how to play... 
The Coach was way nice and said we can always come and 
practice with them... So we decided to get a game going
... There were like 18 of us total so we had 2 teams of 
9 and for the first time in my life i was the last one
picked... I take that back... I was not even picked! 
i was put on a team by default because i was the last
 player that could be picked!haha I don't blame them i 
was the smallest guy there. So the game went way good! 
I drained a couple 3's and Æ. Hafen was draining 
everything! He played way good! The other elders played
good as well. At the end of the game we went up to every
player and thanked them that we could play with them. 
We had the Whole team talking to us at the end, asking
us why we are here in Denmark and all this stuff.

COOL STORY! So there was this guy there from 
Switzerland and we told him we were Mormons and he was 
like " Hey i competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics in 
Utah! " we were like WHAT?!?!?! He was like "yeah i got
6th in ski jump! " anyways... WAYYYY cool Guy! good at
basketball too! his name is andreas kuettel. way good 
evening, way effective! We plan on going Again this week
but i don't think i am going to play because i have been
having some problems with my ankle lately... So i
made a new years resolution to start running and it 
only lasted 2 days and then i started having pain in my
ankle... So i stopped running and took it easy and then
i played basketball on it and it kinda made it
worse so yeah but it is getting better! DONT WORRY!

We taught a less active lady who told me there is 
something special about me that she believes could 
help her... that was nice of her to say... haha but 
yeah nothing else new! Æ. Hafen is doing way good! 
I love him like a Brother! ahh man i got two letters 
from people in the Ward this last week. Well i don't  
have much more to say! I love you all! Thanks for all
the support! =)

Æ. Wible

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