Thursday, February 20, 2014

Email from February 17,2014

Hey Family...
Well my letter keep getting shorter and shorter and well... i am sorry about that, you Guys can all dog pile on me in 3 weeks... =) This last week was good! We spent a lot of time knocking and we actually had a lady invite us in! We answered a ton of her questions and we gave her a book. She wouldn't give us her number or let us come back yet but she said she would contact us if she wanted to learn more... We had Ward conference yesterday and i got to talk with some of the high council members who live in Fredericia. They were all like " Wow i remember when you first came to Fredericia and now you are leaving in 3 weeks!! " One of them was just like "believe me, there is another life when you get home and it is good!" Æ. Hafen and i are doing good though, just trying to make the most of the time that i have left. See you soon! Love you!
Æ. Wible

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