Thursday, December 20, 2012

email from december 17

Kære Mor, Far og Mormor,

Dette sidste uge var fantask! Lad mig forklare!

Well guess what?! Marius has a baptismal date!! i invited him yesterday and he said if he found out the church was true that he would be baptized on the 26th of January! I have developed such a great love for Marius! HE IS AWESOME! haha  but yeah on friday we had the Jule Fest (Christmas party) Marius came and he had a great time! We had to perform a short skit about the birth of christ and so we dressed Marius up as a shepard for it. haha so funny and then we danced around the Christmas tree (Danish Tradition) Such a fun party! oh and we ate æbleskiver, remember when josh made those?? yeah josh's tasted better because they were homemade! The danes just buy them in the stores and then bake them. But yeah such a fun night!

oh we had dinner with bishop and his family this week! The bishops kids are sooo funny and crazy! they love me so much! Hes got 5 kids but hes got 3 boys and 2 of them are 10 and 12 and they both love me so much! haha At dinner they snuck under the table and were tickling my feet. haha! I love them members in Århus so much! All so amazing!

OH! so one of the zone leaders who has been living with us Æ. Jones, will be training elder Gifford! Elder Gifford gets here tomorrow and so he will be living in Århus for 2 weeks until transfers! So there will be 5 elders in one apartment for the next 2 weeks! PARTY! haha its going to be so fun! We have some fun things planned for Æ. Gifford! Transfers is on the 2nd of January and so we find out on the 28th whats going to go down, cant wait! I am pretty sure i wont get transfered but Æ. Hammond might and we will for sure get a new zone leader to take Æ. Jones place.

Everything else is great! the snow is gone! ITS RAINING NOW!!!  Love you all! have a good week! Thanks for everything and all the prayers!

Ældste Wible

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