Tuesday, December 11, 2012

email from december 3

Hey Mom and Dad!

This last week was great! So here is what happened.

Okay so about 3 weeks ago Æ. Hammond and I were chillin' in a bus stop and this random guy walks up to me and was like who are you guys? i was like "We are missionaries from our church." He was like "so what do you guys do all day?" so i ended up talking to this guy for like 10 minutes, gave him a book and asked for his number. When i asked for his number he said he couldn't remember and told us his phone was also out of credit so he would call us when he is able to make calls again. His name is Danny and his from Romania. So last thursday we get a call from a random number and it was Danny! He said he wanted to meet sometime so we found time in our busy schedule... okay that was a joke... haha but yeah we were able to meet with on Saturday. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and invited him to be baptized on the 26th of January! HE SAID YES! He said he has never been baptized and told us that he wanted to turn his life around and start doing better things! MIRACLE

Okay you remember Marius?? He is from Romanian too. Me and Æ. Hammond are convinced that we should have been called to Romania! haha. Anyways Marius played Basketball with us on Saturday and had a blast! We should get a baptismal date for him on Saturday! I love Marius so much! He is such a cool guy with a desire to come unto Christ! So in a week we should have 2 dates for January 26th!! =))

So yeah everything else is great! There is like 4 inches of snow outside and it's  cold!!!
Ældste Wible

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