Monday, December 31, 2012

email from december 31

no email from mack last week since we got to talk to him on christmas!!! we did a google video chat for three hours and it was so cool. he looks great and happy and is the same old mack cracking jokes and making us laugh. the email below is so awesome...

Hey Mom and Dad!

Ah man it was amazing to talk to you guys!  I was so glad that everything worked out great! There was something very special about this Christmas. I have had so many wonderful Christmas's in my life but this Christmas that i just experienced in Denmark would have to be my favorite so far. I felt at home and loved by the members and there is just something about them that brings me joy. These people that i am around, its as if i have seen them before. I know this sounds weird and i am afraid to admit it but its true. Everyone just looks so familiar! Its the weirdest thing ever! I have been sent here for a reason and now its time to act on it. I have made some new goals for the new year. I am going to step up, i am going to work harder than i already am and i am going to be led by the spirit to those who the Lord has prepared. Saturday i will have the opportunity to do a session in the temple. i am so excited!! 

Our investigators are still doing great except for the fact that they weren't able to come to church yesterday! =( Vebika is amazing though! We have an appointment with her and her daughter on Thursday! We will be giving her daughter a blessing because she is having an operation done on her back. Well love you guys!

Ældste Wible

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