Tuesday, December 11, 2012

email from november 26

Hey Mom, Dad and everyone else!

Thanks for the email! I actually don't have much time but this last week went by so fast! Nothing too crazy happened but Marius came to church yesterday! He is our most positive investigator and he is normal!!! Yeah so very rarely do missionaries find a normal person to teach. They are so many people that investigate the church with health problems and mental problems but yeah Marius is normal! YAY! So the Priesthood Christmas Social was on Friday and we got invited to have some amazing Christmas food at our mission leaders home. So after we ate our mission leader was like "okay everyone come in the den, we have a little activity planned!" haha Æ. Hammond and I and the Zone Leaders were like oh great. haha so our mission leader was like "okay we are having a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament!" hahahahha so funny but yeah i ended up winning the tournament. Such a random activity though. Everyone was getting way into it! Sunday i spoke in sacrament and in primary. I slipped yesterday and ripped my suit pants so i think i might buy another pair to day. Oh we got a new senior couple in Århus! They are fresh and green and don't know a word of Danish. haha They are amazing though! I love them so much! There names are Æ. and S. Garriott. Søster Garriott is such a sweet lady! She hemmed 2 pairs of pants for me the other day! I love them so much! 

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