Tuesday, April 23, 2013

email from april 22

Well i am loving the area and my comp right now! We work really well together and have a lot of fun with work. We have an investigator who we are teaching right now who is getting baptized on the 25th of May, that's all though. =( OH!! Well i guess i can now after being on a mission for a year, say i have one baptism under my belt. Vibeke in Århus who elder Hammond and I found and taught got baptized this last Saturday! I wasn't able to go to the baptism because i am 3 hours away but i heard that it was an amazing baptism! The work is picking up just not here in Allerød, not yet that is. The mission has 18 baptismal dates right now, more than ever before! We were supposed to get 7 new missionaries this last transfers but they weren't able to get their visas and right now there are 20 in the MTC that are supposed to come to Denmark! So we have a ton of missionaries coming but because of the Visa issue they can't yet. Oh and the mission is going crazy because apparently there are some good looking sisters coming in. haha so yeah everyone is stoked!
So because i now serve on Sjælland (if you look at a map of denmark, it is split up into 3 islands, Jyland, Fyn and Sjæland, probably didnt spell those right) so i am close to all the other missionaries that are serving on Sjæland so Pdays are crazy! We all get together and play basketball or storm the malls! way fun! I am doing good though! I have been drinking plenty of water! Me and Æ. Dunshee work out in the mornings so i am slowly getting back into shape! Gotta go! Love you!

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