Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Email from November 18, 2013

Hey Family!

We had a way good week! We met with Natascha and talked about baptism.
Æ. Berry and I prayed about a date and we felt like she could be ready
by the 11th of January. We talked about the date with her and she said
she would work toward it. So it wasn't really a " yes i will be
baptized " but more of a " i will try... " So we printed out a
baptismal calender for her and plan on giving it to her this next
week. She is still doing amazing!

Æ. Berry and I spent some time knocking and knocked into a very nice
lady named Vibeke. We taught her about prayer and invited her to
church and she promised us she would come. Sunday came and SHE CAME!
We were so happy to see her. She walked into the Chapel and Vibeke saw
Betina ( The sisters investigator ) and  said " Betina, what are you
doing here?! I didn't know you came to this church!" Apparently they
are way good friends. So Vibeke stayed all three hours and went to
relief society with Betina. There were also 2 less actives in church
so it was an amazing Sunday!

We went to a Jahovas Whitness church... We got invited by a lady that
we knocked into so we decided to go and check it out. We got there and
everyone greeted us and asked us a ton of questions about our
missions. Æ. Berry and I talked a lot with the youth and we both
exchanged our different beliefs. In the end everyone agreed that us
Latter Day Saints are not what most people think. We got offered a
ride home so we took the offer and had a good talk with the family who
took us home. Effective? I would say so.

Yeah so we found 3 new investigators this last week, one of them we
taught last night. His name is Alex, way cool guy, hes like 45. We
walked into his place and i was hit with a brick wall of smoke, he had
a cigarette in his mouth the whole appointment! So yeah my coat reeks
like smoke now, oh well! Great guy though. =)

The companionship is good though. We have a lot of fun together. I
just set of Christmas and new years appointments for this area so i
hope i am here to enjoy them! Transfers is on the 18th of December...
=( This next week will be great! We got a ton of eating appointments
and quite a few investigators to teach! =)

Æ. Wible


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