Monday, August 6, 2012

email from 7/23/12

Hey Mom!  ah man i am so excited for steven! Thank you so much for taking care of him and shayla! I hope you guys were able to build a strong relationship! I love them so much! Shayla too, she has been a great example to steven, i am really greatful for her! Oh yeah our mission president is amazing! I love him so much! Great guy! i am determined to be the best mom! I study so hard every morning! I love the language so much! I have such a great desire to learn more and more every day! I get down on myself a lot bc i dont think i am very good but everyone that we talk to always tells me how good my danish is! Last week at our zone conference the new missionaries had to bare their testimonys and everyone said that i was the best greenie that they have ever heard! They said my accent was amazing and how everything flowed and my grammer was good! That really boosted my confindence! i want to learn so much mom! Every morning i read the Danish Book of mormon for an hour and have companionship study for 2 hours and then language for an hour and i never waste a minute of it!  i am so focused always during language study bc i am so determined to learn more and understand more! I love the members so much mom! they are so cool! The bishop is in a band and plays bass! Such a cool guy! I wanna be like him some day! Just a cool, humble family man that always has fun! His son plays the drums so i played for him and he was super impressed! haha. I love it here though! Man it it so hard but i know that if it wasnt hard, that is wouldnt be worth it! We dont have any baptismal dates yet, the one we had, we think she got really sick or something, but she wont answer our calls =( I know we can try harder though. We work hard but i think we can work harder. I will be the best missionary! I wont ever give up! I will give it my all and i am not coming home with any regrets! 


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