Thursday, August 23, 2012

okay so wednsday is my last day with Æ. McCleary. =( my new companions name is Æ. Whitlock. Little backround about him. He originally got to denmark like a year ago and was here for a month and then tore is ACL. He went home still a missionary and came back 4 months ago. So he has only been here for 5 months and i have only been here for 2 months... combine the experience and that equals 7 months, making us the young guns of the mission. haha its gonna be a big learning experience. i hear Æ. Whitlock is an amazing guy so i am super excited to start working with him. i am getting so nervous!  as far as my last week... It was good we pulled out some good numbers for Æ. mcclearys last week. We are hoping to extend a baptismal invitation tonight to a husband of a member. Its gonna to be a good appointment. i am excited.  well i better go! love you all!!

oh and that pic of me jumping over the city... i jumped off the top of the handrail. haha


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