Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey Mom! That's way cool that the campus is growing so much! i cant to see how much it has changed when i get back! That is so cool that courtney is coming up! That would be cool if she was friends with my buddy Nick, you remember him? and then they can both come over for dinner! This next week is Elder McClearys last week so we are gonna work our butts off! We wanna be the missionarys of the week! I have learned so much from him!  4 new missionarys get here on the 21st! yeah time has gone by so fast and it it only gonna go by quicker! Is Broulims done with its remodeling? I am so glad that everyone is doing good!  Well i better get going! We are gonna hit up some Gimbrews today, they are like D.I.s haha you can find some good stuff sometimes. talk to you later!

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