Monday, August 6, 2012

email from 8/6/12

 Things are great! I play the guitar a little everynight before i go to bed! Love it! The language is coming quick now! I can read so much more better and i am able to understand a lot more now! I have a good study plan each morning that really helps me! Æ McCleary gets released in 3 weeks i believe. i am thinking that i will be in Frederacia for 4 more months. i will be with my next comp for 2 more months. He is said to be the best missionary in the mission so i was lucky to have him. I learned a lot from him.  Nothing too exciting this week. We have been working hard lately with all the less actives. We found one who loves us sooo much! We have been working with her and her non member husband. She never wants us to leave whenever we come over. haha We had a huge bbq this last week and i am sure we will have another with her this up coming week. We have a dinner appointment everynight this next week! haha oh man i love it! haha I havnt gained anymore weight, i am starting to lose the weight i gain in the mtc. well i better get going! i love you mom! thanks for everything! I am so thankful for what i am doing right now! Thanks for keeping me informed on everything! oh!!! something i wanted to tell you. haha Denmark is a crazy place with a lot of crazy people! haha There is this member who we have lunch with once a week and she teaches us danish. but yeah she always invites this recent convert who is amazing! I love him so much! But the both of them are obsessed with Glen beck! haha They both are convinced that the Aluminatie is running the Us government. so funny. love you!

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