Monday, October 29, 2012

Email from October 15

so rumor has it that soon the mission may be requiring missionaries to buy a bike. But if that happens i will just get a beater for cheap and then fix it up so it wont be expensive. But the areas that don't have a car use the buses and trains to get around. Its kinda expensive so i think soon they are gonna cut back. That's cool that you guys have been working hard on the new house! SAVE ME SOME WORK! Save me the Landscaping or something! I want to do that! oh about the Missionarys and the MTC. they are in the process right now of buillding like a 8 story HUGE building at the MTC. its not gonna be done for like 2 years but when it is, WOW it will be nice. Yeah we need more mtcs or we need to make them bigger. oh last P day i chrocheted a tie! yeah! I bought a chrocheting needle and figured it out all on my own! I have gotten so many compliments on it. haha i will send a pic. umm i cant believe how fast the weeks have been going by! wow! Transfers is next week!

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