Monday, October 29, 2012

Email from October 8

I emailed Mack and told him to tell us more about Denmark and what an average day is like for him. Hah, he answered some of my questions below :)

Hey Mom! yes i was able to watch conference! That was amazing! Wow! i wish i would have paid more attention to conference growing up. I actually was not able to see the last session but wow that was amazing! i was able to take so many notes and set new goals for myself and how i can change as a missionary to be more effective. The new missionary work changes! WOW!!! there are gonna be so many more new sisters now! That is so exciting!

but um to answer all of sarahs questions.... haha

We have a car in our area and yes we drive to all our appointments. haha we are very lucky missionaries. i think there are only 3 areas in the whole mission with a car and of course they trust the young guns with a car! haha but yeah i am the driver so i drive everywhere, well mostly because i dont trust Æ. Whitlock. haha We go to the grocery stores on P day there is one on like every corner! so many! they are super small though. We watched conference at the church, they had it in English and in Danish. No! a little old lady doesn't wash our clothes. hahahaha i wish! but we have a washer but not a dryer so we have to hang dry all our clothes. The bathrooms are super tiny! haha and so yeah you can just take a shower on the toilet if you really want too. I havn't had a chance to do that yet but i really want to! haha Yes there are spiders! TONS! and yes there are tons of blondes! =) haha oh and sunshine? Whats that?! The Danes only know what the is during the summer. haha its cloudy and raining everyday now and will be until feburary or something. We found out the other day that during the winter a lot of younger danes get on these "happy pills" which is a drug that is prescribed to just make you happy in the winter bc there isnt sun. yeah its abused. as the danes would say " dats wary crazy!" Right now it gets dark at about 7 but in the heart of the winter it will get dark around 5 i think. umm yes Æ.Whitlock is 500 pounds, attatched is a pic. hahahahahaha no he is a skinny kid. well i we gotta get going but yeah thanks for the email and everything! Love you!! thanks for the all the support and everything. I hope that you guys get a ton of snow the next winter!! haha love you all!


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