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Last month of emails

Sorry for the lack of emails the last month. Mack's emails have been pretty short so I am going to copy and paste a bunch of them together. The following will be from 8/27 onward and up to date with last week's email. 

Are you all ready to hear how my first couple of days with Elder Whitlock went?
So Wednesday i droped Æ. McCleary off at the train station to go to København but that wasnt my last goodbye because he came to church with his family yesterday. But yeah i drop him off and then waited for Æ. Whitlock. While waiting many missionaries came and went bc Frederacia is like a meeting point for a bunch of missionaries. so one missionary had a bunch of stuff so me and another elder helped him put it all on the train and we got on real quick right when the train arrived and put the bags down and went to the door but it was too late, the doors closed! we pressed every button to get them open but they wouldnt open! haha so me and the other elder were tripping out and meanwhile there were other elders on the outside trying to get the door open for us and all a sudden the trian started moving! haha i was like ah man i wasnt even supposed to be on a train and now i am on my way to vejle without a ticket, me and another elder! So we ended up talked to the train conductor and he was chill about it and let us ride back for free. so i get back and meet Æ. Whitlock, great guy, humble, hard worker, just not one reason to not like him. We get back to the apt make some goals and then head out to go knock some doors. We started talking a little and well he has only been here in Denmark for 3 months. Yeah 1 month longer than me. He knows just a little more vocab than me and can understand a little better but my accent and fluency is better. So i am freaking out bc i dont have anyone to rely on anymore, Æ. McCleary isnt there anymore to save me or help me understand people. Æ. Whitlock knows just about as much as me. So there i was, 2 months in and all of Frederacia, Vejle, and Kolding was in a greenies hands bc Æ. Whitlock knows nothing about the area, he doesnt know any of the members or anyone. So Wednesday we knocked and contacted for like 5 hours. We talked to like 100 people and i gave out 3 of the 4 book of mormons all by myself which i have never done before. I felt like my tounge was loosened and i was definitely being helped but at the same time i was stressing.  It was at that point when i realized how easy i had it with Æ. McCleary and then when he left everything was dumped on me, a greenie. I had to make all the phone calls, i had to take the lead in all the lessons, i had to find rides for the investigators to get to church.  Wednesday was finally over, that was probably the longest day of my life. Thursday we had one appointment planned and then we were just gonna contact and knock some more. We went to our appointment and it just wasnt the same without Æ. McCleary. The person we taught was a less active member who was in drepression and someone Æ. McCleary was always able to make her happy and put a smile on her face. We get there and taught what i thought was a great lesson about the holy ghost and she did not say one word. I kept telling myself that i cant do this, i want a new companion! Someone who i can turn to for help! The rest of day we knock and contacted and again i myself was able to give out 2 book of mormons. I couldnt believe it, i definitely had grown so much in the last two days. Friday came and we had a really good day planed. it was with some of my favorite people and i was just excited. The morning went okay and then we had a dinner appointment with a less able member and her husband who is an investigator. It went okay but again is just wasnt the same because Æ. McCleary wasnt there. We left and then went a recent converts house who is my absolute favorite person in Denmark. Her name is Sarah. i know i am not suppost to give you names but i am going to refer to her a lot. so we went there and i pretty much just told her i need help! (Æ. McCleary baptised her like 5 months ago)  She reassured me that everything was going to be okay, that me and Æ. Whitlock were put together for a reason and that i am going to learn so much from this companionship. Saturday i was really stressing bc i had to find rides for investigators to church and just all this stuff and i was just so stressed but for some reason everything seemed to work out. I was able to find rides for our investigators, i was able to get members to our lessons, we were able to give out 2 books and i just never felt so guided in my life! Sunday came and we had.... 8 investigators in sacrament! 8! 8 yeah 8!! the most Frederacia has ever seen! The ward was so impressed with us young guns! there was people there that i would have never thought that they would have come to church. Æ. Mccleary spoke in Sacrament and then after i said my goodbye. He told me to take what he taught me and just go do work and have fun. He said that he knew i could do this. 

September 3:

Here is how the week went: Everything just went great. We spent a lot of time knocking and trying to find some more people because the people we are teaching now are being difficult with us. But we found some really positive people that we have appointments with this next week. We we started the companionship we would just strictly speak Danish but it was hard to get to know each other so we decided to speak English for a little while. So of course we speak Danish to the danes when we have to but whenever we are just talking to each other it is most English so we can crack jokes and stuff and laugh and have fun. Oh, Elder Whitlock is from Boise, was in a band...a little different from me but that is okay. He is a great kid! I might get transferred next transfer. We will see. I called the president the other day with a question and he said he is really proud of me right now and how i am able to keep myself together as such a young missionary. That made me really happy. Keep praying for me! Everyday gets better! I am going to continue to press forward. I love you all.

September 10:

This last week went fast. We got Elders of the week! We had 7 member present lessons this week. Best in the mission and four guests in sacrament! That made me feel pretty good. I am still stressing at times but it is getting better. The other day we had no appointments we we decided to knock this rich area right on the coast. We knocked for four hours and not one person let us talk to them. We finally started talking to this muslim and yeah we usually don't even try with muslims because they never convert but this muslim was like 28 and he spoke perfect english. he started speaking english to us and we had a good conversation about religion and denmark. he told us he is so greatful for what we are doing as missionaries. he said "the danes are just stuck in the hole right now and what you guys are doing is helping them get out of this hole. they worship the government, not god. they say they are happy but they are not happy. the government controls them and it is terrible. i know that you guys were sent from god to help the danes come back to life. i know most of them just shut the door on you guys but don't give up! keep pushing!" we both walked away and were like wow! we were both motivated after that conversation. He accepts all religions so we couldn't really teach him...In case you are wondering, I drive everywhere. We have  a zone conference this week and then another one next week. We usually only have one once a month so we are thinking the president has something up his sleeve. we are all going crazy! Oh and Elder Whitlock and I usually go to church on p days and sing hymns and play ping and stuff. I want to sing in church maybe in a couple of months. He is good at the piano. 

September 17:

Our companionship is great. I am just having a good time right now. Funny story. We knocked on this muslim's door and he couldn't speak Danish and so he says, hold on and comes back with his residency papers and shows them to us and we are like, um, we are just missionaries! not police! He didn't understand us so we just left. So funny. People are always thinking we are the police! People are also telling me I have California slang, which is funny. It is tough finding positive people we are still working hard and trying our best. 

September 24:

This last week was tough but we pushed through it. A lot of people dropped us and said they are not interested anymore. We are still trying though. We are teaching this cool Danish lady right now who prefers to speak English. She is awesome though. She is a former Jehovah Witness but she loves the Book of Mormon so much. She loves our visits too. All are other investigators are hanging in there. We are having a hard time finding people right now. I have been visiting members and contacting and knocking so much to try and find people. 

October 1:

It is starting to get cold and I am so excited about that! I am going to buy a scarf and gloves because it's funny we will be contacting on the streets and people will say oh I am not interested but I really think you two young boys should have coats on! We get that all the time! Pretty much the only thing we eat is potatoes! We eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner. Today I am going to the police station to get some finger prints and some pictures taken. Hopefully I can impress them with my Danish. It has been tough lately. No one listens to us. No one believes In God. They just have it made here because the government takes care of them. No one is humble enough to accept God in their life. It is really sad to see. I am sorry I don't talk much about the people we are teaching. We only have three positive people we are teaching right now. No baptism dates. Shawn emails me every week about all the baptisms he has and I am always like, yeah I don't have any. It doesn't bug me though! I am happy for the missionaries that get baptisms.

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