Monday, October 29, 2012

Email from October 22

Hey Mom! Well sorry about the late email. We went to legoland this morning. Well guess what... i am getting transferred! i am so excited! I am going to Århus! Its the second biggest city in Denmark and there are ton of young people there who are waiting for the gospel! There are a ton of modeling schools there so there are a ton of young girl who we can conflirt! oops! I mean convert! haha i am so excited though! Æ. Whitlock is getting a greenie! He is so nervous! I bore my testimony and said goodbye to the ward last sunday! it was kinda sad, everyone was sad to see me go but they were also excited for me too. I have an appointment tonight with my favorite person ever Sarah! She hemmed my pants and new suit jacket and she always cuts my hair. it is going to be tough to say goodbye to her. =( She is awesome! She grew up in england and so she has got this English Humor which is sooooo funny. haha Her husband is not a member but i know he will be baptized one day. Him and I have a great relationship and so it is kinda hard to leave that family. oh yeah about that Ranch. hahahahahha so i pulled out the first bag and read the letter and so i just thought that all of them were dip and so i just put the one bag back and was like oh well, thats okay. so like last week i was looking at the ranch packets and i was like "DUDE DUDE! WE HAVE RANCH!!!!!!!" haha it was funny.  Ah man every week i just think about how much of a privilege it is to live in America. Being on a mission has really opened my eyes to how lucky  i am to have been born in America. Denmark is a crazy place... Dont have any baptismal dates, unfortunately =( Maybe i will have some luck in Århus.  i couldn't be any happier right now. I am loving life and everyday my attitude gets better. i know its hard but i just need to stop thinking about that and just think positive. Århus is the second biggest city in Denmark but yet its only a branch with about 40 members i think, all the members in Denmark don't get why its only a branch. That needs to be doubled and i am going to work my hardest to increase its membership for the next 4-6 months or however long i am there. Kay gotta go! Love you ! Tell everyone hi!


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