Thursday, July 25, 2013

email from july 15

Hey Mom!

Yeah well on Friday i baptized Marius! It was amazing! The program could not have been better! The speakers were amazing and i performed the Baptism flawlessly because i have just baptized so many on my mission.... hahahaha It was so good though. Marius was so ready to be baptized and he told me after that he is always going to remember this experience. It was so nice to be in Arhus though! I was able to see so many familiar faces and talk with so many people that i missed so much! Some of the young adult girls just like came up to me and gave me the biggest hugs and im just like... ummm okayyyy... thanks??? Our old mission leader took us out to eat and we had a great time together. Best day of my mission! =))

Other than that nothing else crazy happened... We started our Sport Evening this last week where we played some soccer. It was way fun. We had like 12 young adults come out from the ward and we just had the greatest evening ever! The Bishop told us that he thinks its a good idea to do these sport evenings because it really brings the youth together and we always have a good time because of course... Im there! haha oh funny story... haha So last P day we ended up going over the Bishops house to hang out. It was way fun. Hes got a couple sons and a daughter who is like 18 and she had 2 other friends other and so i am just like okay its time to put my guitar skills to the test in front of these girls. So we ended up having this little concert in Bishops living room which was way fun. The girls went crazy! haha I'd say it was a success. :)

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