Thursday, July 25, 2013

email from july 8

Hey family!

Well are you really for the big news?! Last Thursday i got a call from the Elders in Århus telling me that Marius would like me to baptize him this Friday!!! I cant tell you how excited i am! For the first time on my mission i finally get the opportunity help someone come closer to Christ through the ordinances of the baptism. I am going to remember the 12th of July 2013 for the rest of my life. It may be the one and only baptism i receive on my mission but i know that Marius is going to touch many as he shares his testimony with those people that he is around. 

I talked to him on the phone the other day for about 20 minutes. He pretty much bore testimony the whole call. He said that ever since he left Romania he never felt at home but now since he has been coming to church he feels loved and at home. He expressed how he knew what true happiness was and he knew where to find it. He bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and asked if i could come over so that we could read all day so that he could finish it before his baptism, unfortunately i cant but it was the most amazing telephone call i have ever received. He told me how he doesn't like Denmark, the culture and everything about it. He said he plans on moving to San Fransisco next year! I about jumped out of my seat in excitement when i heard that! As missionaries we can get in big trouble if we persuade anyone in moving to the states so i simply said "Good luck Marius." Wow! I cant tell you how happy i am right now! 

So here is how the week went down....

Æ. Jensen and I had a great week! Monday we moved in to our wonderful new apartment. The location and everything about it is amazing! We live no more than 2 minutes away from the centrum so it is very convenient. Tuesday we had a great appointment with a member family. They have a 9 year son who is not baptized because his real mom will not let him get baptized unless he specifically asks her. (The members are his foster parents) Throughout the appointment we had the opportunity to get to know the them as well their grandma who is not a member. The father shared mission experiences and it honestly felt like i had known them for years. At the end of the appointment the mother came up to us and said " Elders we are truly blessed to have you two here in Slagelse. I just want to say thanks for a couple things. Thanks for playing with Mads,  you really made his day and thanks for talking with my mother. She has never said a word to the missionaries and somehow you two were able to talk with her and really open her up. Thank you! " Amazing appointment!

Wednesday we had District Meeting. The sisters were a little sad and felt overwhelmed that morning to see Sister Hays leave so Æ. Jensen and i gave them both a Priesthood blessing and told them the everyone experiences tough times on their missions and that these tough times wont hurt us but will only strengthen us and our testimonies. That evening we got a call from them it went something like this " ELDER WIBLE AND ELDER JENSEN! We are just calling to say thanks for the blessings you gave us this morning! We have never felt so blessed in our lives. We just had an appointment with our bishop and his family and we literally understood everything! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! " Well that experience really strengthened my Testimony of the Priesthood and how much responsibility we have as Priesthood holders. 

Thursday we celebrated the Fourth with the Sisters who are soooo cool and the Zone Leaders who are cool as well! We had a nice brunch, sang and just had an amazing time together.

Friday was spent at the training which was very inspiring and motivational. I cant tell you how excited i am to see the changes that are going to happen in the mission. 

Saturday was great! Temple was very uplifting as always. That evening we had an appointment with one of our investigators named Ali. He is a former Muslim who has been investigating multiple Christian churches. The appointment went well, we answered a lot of his questions and invited him to come to church the next day which he unfortunately wasn't able to come too.

Sunday was great! We had a less active member come to church and then after we spent most of the day walking around in the city contacting and stopping by members. 

That was our week! I am not sure you all had the opportunity to watch the new Hastening the Work of Salvation Broadcast! It was amazing! Everyone reading this has to watch it! Check it out here...

It pretty much talks about how it is the members responsibility to fill up the missionaries planners! 

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