Thursday, July 25, 2013

email from june 17

This last week was amazing!

Wow i cant even begin to tell you how happy i am right now! The past three days since we have been in Slagelse have been amazing! Thursday we arrived at the church and met with our mission leader named Søren Larsen who showed us to where we would be staying. When we arrived at our house, we got settled in and then drove to the nearest city to buy some groceries because we didn't have any food.
Oh! Let me tell you about where we are staying right now! The Mission has not found us an apartment in town so we are living with a member in their little guest house. Oh yeah and they literally out in the middle of no where! We have to go off roading in our little Opel in order to get to the house! haha I wish i had my truck! 

Friday we had great studies in the morning and then met with the sisters in the afternoon to decide on how we will divide the area and work together. We decided to divide the area between North and South of the highway. The Sisters would work in the North and the Elders in the South and then we would share the Centrum in Slagelse. It was a great meeting! The Sister were very helpful in providing us with a members list and some other useful information that could be used for the area. After the meeting a little miracle happened as Æ. Jensen and I were walking on the Gågade in Slagelse. We didn't have a map and no idea where we were going. We stopped by a book store to buy a map but they didn't have any so we continued walking down the gågade and then suddenly we heard a voice behind us " ELDERS! ELDERS! ARE YOU TWO THE NEW ELDERS?!" ( in danish of course) We turned around to see a middle aged lady with a couple shopping bags in her hand. We said " YES! We are the new elders and we have no idea where we are or where we are going! " She laughed and said she could easily give us a map. We followed her to her apartment which was only five minutes off the gågade. We met her husband and few of her kids who are less active. We got to know them real well, shared a spiritual thought and in the end she gave us map that we could loan. Amazing family! Now that we had a map and knew somewhat of where to go so we decided to stop by our Bishops house. He unfortunately wasn't home but we met some of his kids at the door which was great. At this point it was getting late so we decided to head home and do some planning together and set some goals on how we want to work in Slagelse.

Saturday was just as good! Great studies in the morning! We had a great day planned out to stop by some members! We stopped by 5 members that day and shared with them our testimony's and how excited we are to be here in Slagelse. That evening we had an eating appointment with the Bishop and his family, the sisters were also present. It was so amazing! I love the bishop and his family so much! His boys are amazing, one of them is trying to decide if he wants to go on a mission so Æ. Jensen and I are going use him and get to know him as much as we can and involve him in the work.

Sunday was marvelous! We met with our mission leader in the morning and he told us that he was getting released and that we would be getting a new mission leader that day. Afterwards we let our voices reach the heavens in KOR (Choir), Mack Wilberg would be proud of us. Sacrament was great it was Ward Conference. We all bore our testimony's which really brought the spirit into the meeting! After Sacrament we met our new mission leader who is American. He is 24 years old and is married to a Dane here in Slagelse. He served in Norway about 2 years ago and so he is so excited to help us! The ward had a little lunch in after church which was a great opportunity for us to sit and eat with various members of the ward and get to know them. Æ. Jensen and I both walked around and talked with EVERYONE. I think i had about a 5 minute conversation with everyone in the ward. It was just an amazing Sunday!
So yeah its been a crazy couple days! We are starting to get the area down. The Sisters here are way cool! Ah man i am so excited to serve here! i miss Æ. Dunshee though!  I love you!
Æ: Wible

Some pics....

Some way cool members that i am going to miss a lot!
The first edition of the Book of Mormon på Dansk
Me and Æ .Jensen  

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