Thursday, July 25, 2013

email from july 22

Well this last week was great. We had the elders from Nykøbing Falster (Æ. Christiansen and Æ. Gifford). The two guys are great! Æ. Gifford and I are going to be best buds for life. The both of them are way good at football so tuesday evening the four of us went to a Football field to toss the pig skin around... Keep in mind no one in Denmark plays football... There are only a handful that play. So we get to the field and saw 4 teenagers playing AMERICAN FOOTBALL! hahah We all look at eachother in excitment and began to toss the ball around.  We went up to them asked if they wanted to play and said sure! We played a pick up game and ended up kicking their butts. So much fun. My motto is alway " MEMORABLE SPLITS " That was exactly what we did. We ended up talking to these teens for a while about our faith and why we are here in Denmark. I got one of their numbers and we agreed to play the next day. The next day rolled around and some different guys showed and of course we won. hahahaha So moral of the story... Work Smarter Not Harder. There's no need to waist time knocking doors! All you need is some Americans and a football! We got a new investigator out of that. =)  

We went to a viking festival last P day... way fun! Thats me making Viking Bread!

Æ . Wible

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