Thursday, September 5, 2013

email from august 19

Wow! Where do i begin?!
Well its been a crazy week here in Copenhagen! Well Tuesday Æ. Jensen and i had an amazing lesson with Stine and Natascha! We taught the Plan of Salvation but didn't get far because Natascha had a ton of questions which was way good. The lesson went amazing!  We also had two members present to the lesson, way cool Guys! She fed us dinner after and we just talked for like an hour! Then we had to say goodbye and it was way tough! Natascha was sad because she really wanted to be taught by me but i told her that there would be another cool missionary to replace me. The Picture is of Me and Natascha and Stine. And then another one of us all together.
Well transfers was on Wednesday! 12 missionaries went home... including Æ. Dunshee! =( I was very sad to see him go. OH! Funny story! haha So when we were companions this one time someone asked me what my sisters names were and so i was like " well i have 2, Sarah Haynie and Talia Wible " Æ. Dunshee then butted in and was like " HER NAME IS TALIA ANDERSEN! " haha so funny! I was so glad i had Æ. Dunshee there to remind me of Talia's last name. They also share the same birthdays as well! June 27th! Well yeah i am going to miss that guy along with the other 11 missionary's that went home. The mission is never going to be the same, i don't have anyone to look up to anymore, i am getting too old in the mission. Whatever. Æ. Petersen is my new companion, great guy, great story teller. His Danish is good and is really genuine and loving to others, no matter who they are so i really have a lot that i can learn from him.
This area had a Baptism 2 weeks ago. His name is Elijah. Way cool guy from the Ivory Coast. We met with him like everyday this last week. He is 30 years old and wants to be a missionary so bad! haha Great guy! We had a couple eating appointments as well. Sundays eating appointment was so much fun! It was this way cool Family with like 4 kids.The mom was born in America and then moved to Denmark when she was 5. She knows Danish but for some reason she prefers to speak English with us. He husband is from Sweden and he actually served his mission in Los Angeles! He served in Compton for 6 months and WHITTIER for 3 months along with a bunch more areas, sounds like a crazy mission though. But yeah the whole family knows Danish but they all speak English to each other. They actually speak Danglish! Its really common in the Ward! The members will just start speaking Danish and then without even knowing they just throw in these English expressions or just switch to English without even knowing. So yeah that is pretty much how the whole Ward is here. haha Oh! We had to take a taxi to church yesterday! We waited at a bus stop for like an hour and the bus never came so in order to make it to church on time we had to take a taxi which cost me 200Kr (35 bucks) of my mission Money.


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